How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof?

Your roof is arguably the most important part of your home.

As the first line of defense against wind, rain, tree branches, and snow, your roof takes a beating. If you maintain it regularly, it can last a long time, but your roof will give you signs when it’s time to replace it.

So, how often do you need a new roof? In this post, we’re going to answer that question and tell you how to tell when it’s time to replace it. Don’t let your roof fall apart and put your home in danger; replace it when it starts showing signs of wear.

How Often Do You Need a New Roof?

A typical new roof, when well-maintained, should last between 15 and 25 years before it needs replacing. Of course, this depends on the type of materials you use and the quality of the construction.

Asphalt shingles are the most common materials used on residential roofs and last at least 15 years, while wood shingles last between 20 and 25. There are materials, such as clay or cement tiles and slate roofing, which last up to 100 years or more. The more durable the roofing material, the more you can expect to pay for installation.

Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

Your roof will display some obvious signs when it’s time to be replaced. The first thing you might notice is actually on the inside of the roof, where you might start to see moisture coming through. This is bad news because when you have moisture coming into your attic, you’ll start to see mold shortly after, which can be extremely dangerous.

Other obvious signs that your roof needs replacing are missing or damaged shingles. Similarly, if your flashing is showing signs of rust and other wear, it could be that your roof is getting past its prime. If you notice sagging in your roof after a bad rain or snowstorm, then you should contact a roofer, like the people at, to get it deal with immediately.

Maintaining Your Roof for Longer

If you know how old your roof is and don’t feel that it should be replaced yet, then you’ve got to properly maintain it so that it remains secure for longer. For instance, you should be maintaining the trees on your property so that they don’t pose any threats to your roof during a windstorm.

When you start to notice vegetation growing on top of your roof, you should get up there and sweep it off right away. The longer that stuff stays on your roof, the more moisture is being contained beneath it. As we said, moisture is bad news for a roof and will end up giving you mold or that dreaded sagging. The best thing you can do is have a yearly inspection on your roof by a professional, who can determine whether or not you need to repair or replace anything.

Don’t Ignore Roof Problems

Now that we’ve answered the question, “how often do you need a new roof”, you can take a good look at your roof and decide what the best course of action is. If you encounter any of the issues we’ve discussed here, it’s important not to ignore them. If you do, you could put the entire structure of your house, and everyone inside, in danger.

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