How Do Popular Poker Players Live?

In recent years, social networks and the Internet can compete with world media by popularity. From social networks, we can learn about a person all the necessary information. Poker players also actively use modern social networks. They often write something interesting on Twitter and Facebook and share their photos on Instagram. These resources allow fans of famous gamblers to learn the most intriguing details from their lives. How do popular poker players live? Read below.

  • The Property of Daniel Negreanu

Canadian Daniel Negreanu, the winner of six World Series of Poker bracelets, frequently appears on the Internet. He earned the most on poker and is one of the most successful players in the history of this game. About 140 thousand people follow him on Instagram. All the content that Negreanu posts on his page can be divided into two themes: poker and his dogs Apollo and Rocky. Daniel also likes hockey very much. Make a profit with a $1 deposit casino if you want to live like this poker star!


Daniel lives on the outskirts of Las Vegas, in Summerlin. He completely redesigned the luxurious mansion in 2013 with the help of his close friends. The kitchen is futuristic, the dining table has never been used, but there is a jellyfish chandelier hanging over it that looks amazing. In the centre of the studio, there is a poker table in the style of “Game of Thrones”, slot machines (one with a built-in keg of beer), and the Hall of Fame with beautifully decorated trophies. Before playing poker, Daniel played snooker, so there is another snooker table in the house. In the backyard, there is a swimming pool, a fireplace, a garden, and a six-hole golf field.

  • Dan Bilzerian’s Mansion

Dan Bilzerian’s account on Instagram has 23 million followers. Even though Dan does not please his fans with new photos so often, many people really like his lifestyle, which is why he is so popular. There are no dogs on his Instagram, but there are a lot of hot girls with whom Bilzerian regularly travels to different countries. Girls and beautiful views are the key evidence of Dan’s success. The topic of poker also occurs in posts on his page, but much less frequently.


The millionaire playboy has four homes in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Montana. Even though Den actively demonstrates his luxurious life to the public, there are few reviews of his houses on the network. It is known that Dan has his own cinema, a large office, a wardrobe, and many other things.

  • Phil Hellmuth’s House

Without a doubt, the title of “The Most Smiling Instagrammer” goes to Phil Hellmuth. This poker player simply has no time and nothing to be upset about, so Hellmuth often pleases his thirty thousand subscribers with another smiling photo.


Phil Hellmuth’s house in Palo Alto, California, reflects his golden years. The American professional is very proud of his backyard garden (and continues to work on it for many years) and remote control pool. The cosy living room with an expensive carpet ($20,000 – $40,000) had been empty for many years, but, by the time of filming, it had already acquired a pleasant appearance. Phil has a spacious, bright office at home and his own hall of fame with many trophies.

  • Vanessa Russo’s Party House

This large house in Las Vegas, which was called the “Castle of Poker Princesses” in the summer of 2012, belongs to Vanessa Russo. After she finished working on it, she immediately invited her friends – Liv Boeree, Vanessa Selbst, and Maria Ho – to stay with her for the summer.


A mansion is an ideal place for parties: there is a DJ console, billiards, air hockey, and table tennis on the street, a beach volleyball court, and a spacious pool so that everyone has a nice place to sunbathe. The dining room is made in the style of an ancient castle with a real knight in the corner. According to Vanessa, she needs someone to join her on lonely evenings. On the second floor, there is a “harem” that looks like a hookah.

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