How Can I Remodel in Order to Make a More Romantic Bedroom?

By the time a couple has been together for more than 6 years, they’ve established a solid routine. This routine means that things in the romance department may have fizzled out, leaving stuff between the sheets less than ideal.

If you’re looking to create a romantic bedroom, there are things you can do to renovate the room and help reignite the passion between yourself and your partner. Are you ready to improve the romantic atmosphere?

Get ready because it’s about to get hot in here!

Turn Off the Noise

There might be times when you’re trying to initiate romance, but your partner is invested in something else. Perhaps one of the many distractions in your room. The first thing you need to do is reduce these distractions.

If the tv always has to be on, consider removing it from the room until you feel like things have gotten better in your bedroom. If moving the tv out of the room is out of the question, you simply need to turn it off.

Once you and your partner are both in the room, make it a cellphone-free zone. This could mean you place your phones in another room to charge or put them across the room.

This gives you the space and time you need to focus on connecting with one another instead of scrolling through an unchanging social media feed.

Get the Right Lighting

Nothing says romantic, like finding the proper lighting and placing it in your bedroom. If the lights in your room are harsh, not only are they going to be blinding whenever turned on, but there are downright annoying.

Instead of using the lights in your room, try using lamps instead. Lamps offer a softer glow than the overhead lighting and can help further set the room’s mood.

If you don’t want to take the time to get lamps, you can select a series of candles and place them throughout the room. Be careful not to put the candles near things that can easily catch fire, causing damage to your belongings.

Aroma Therapy is the Best Therapy

Have you ever smelled fresh baking cookies, and instantly your mouth began to water? The same thing can be done in your bedroom by using carefully chosen aromas and igniting them to increase the romantic feel in your bedroom.

If one thing that’s put your love life on pause is the stress of everyday life, aromatherapy can help ease you and your partner. For example, when you smell lavender, it allows you to relax, making it easier to get ready for some much-needed romance.

Aromatherapy can also be helpful if you or your partner have sexual performance anxiety. Several things could cause this form of stress, including the things talked about in this article.

The need to satisfy your partner in every way is enough to put out any thoughts of romance. The best way to spread the scent throughout the room is by using an oil diffuser.

This will fill the room with a consistent scent until you’ve turned the warmer off. Even after the warmer has been turned off, the smell will continue to linger in the room.

If you or your partner aren’t the best at catching hints, you can always use a specific scent as a sign of what’s to come during the evening.

Change the Décor

You might not have realized, but romance is in the details you use throughout your room. When it comes to bedroom renovation décor, you don’t want to choose harsh or distracting things to the eye.

You might think about adding your initials or an intimate photo of the two of you above the bed. This solidifies that the room belongs to you both and can help you rekindle and relive the moments depicted in the photos.

You should also consider the bedding you’re using; nothing is appealing about sleeping on stained or ripped bedsheets. Take the time to purchase sheets that feel good when touching your skin.

You’ll also want to choose a pair of sheets that keep you cool while you’re lying on them, such as cotton or silk. Another critical piece of décor you might place around the room is mirrors.

Mirrors can be used to reflect light or make the room appear lather than it is.

Reduce the Clutter

It’s hard to think when the only thing you see around your room is clutter. If you can’t move around, how are you going to get yourself into a romantic mindset?

The answer is you’re not going to be able to. Before you seek to take your partner on a romantic rollercoaster ride, take some time to clean your room. You’ll want your bed to be the focal point of the room, and nothing else.

Besides, if you’re thinking about moving to the floor at any point during your evening, the last thing you want to do is land on a shoe or another pointy object lying on the floor.

Play On Taste

We’ve covered your sense of smell, and now it’s time to talk about your sense of taste. We aren’t saying cook a four-course dinner and eat in your room because that doesn’t sound like a wonderful time.

Instead, find sweet treats you can feed to your partner as you engage in conversation, bringing you two closer together. Several foods can be used as an aphrodisiac, such as almonds.

Not only are they a great source of fiber and other vitamins, but there is also a rumor that the smell of the almonds can be linked directly to sexually arousing someone. Another food you can eat that can excite yourself and your partner is cherries.

They’re a sweet and delicious bite of flavor bursting in your mouth. Whether it’s the color of the fruit or its sweetness, cherries have been known to improve the blood flow in your body.

They also can boost the pheromones your body puts off to attract your partner.

Preparation is Key

All the things we’ve discussed to this point mean nothing if you don’t take the time to prepare yourself. This means getting in the mindset to be romantic with your partner.

You can set the mood using candles or create a board of brilliant treats to feed each other, but if you’re not feeling it, the night is lost. Take time to prepare yourself and be open to the things the evening has to hold once you enter your bedroom.

When you’re in a relaxed state, it will make things much more enjoyable than if you were uptight and un-wanting to engage with your partner.

Clear the Air

There are rooms in your home that never seem to get enough airflow. This makes the room feel stuffy and hot.

If this sounds like your master bedroom, you need to take the time to clear the air before starting your romantic evening. There are several ways to do this, like placing fans around the room.

If you feel comfortable, you can open the windows to allow hot air to escape the room and be replaced by cooler air. Sometimes the simple solution to improving the airflow in your room is by changing the air filter or opening your air vents.

Texture, Texture, Texture

There are several ways to include texture throughout your room. You could replace the pillows on your bed with ones that are soft to the touch or the curtains hanging over your window.

Your window treatments could be patterned or soft to the touch. These soft elements are beneficial to increasing the romantic atmosphere in your bedroom.

You can also use the colors in the room to play off the various textures you’ve chosen. Texture is enough to drive someone wild because of one touch.

Creating the Ultimate Romantic Bedroom

As you create your ideal romantic bedroom, there are several things you can do to increase the romance factor. One thing you can do is set the mood using aromatherapy scents to relax each other.

Another thing we’ve recommended is for you to clean up items that might be cluttering the room. You don’t want to make it harder for yourself or your partner to make your way to the bed.

Are you ready for a night of romance and wonder with your partner? Great, but before you go, don’t miss a chance to scroll through some of the other posts in this section covering topics like home and business services.


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