How Affordable Is It to Hire a Removal Service?

As you get closer and closer to completing on your house’s sale, you get closer and closer to planning that big day: moving day. Exciting as that day can be, it can also be deeply stressful as your life gets loaded into boxes, into vans, and driven across the country. So how best to move your belongs? Here are your options:

What Kind of Removal Services Are Available?

There are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to moving home, but three principal methods of moving house are the most common: using a removal or haulage company, hiring a van to move things yourself, or retaining the services of a man with a van. They each have their own price, and also their own benefits and drawbacks – all of which will be illustrated below.

Doing It Yourself

You might be tempted to forego a removal service altogether, hire your own van and go it alone with the house move. But removing and transporting your belongings is a longer, more arduous, and more painful endeavor than you might be thinking. Many items of furniture require more than one man to carry, and if the size of your van isn’t adequate you could be looking at multiple trips and several days of back-breaking work, just to save a small amount of money. And when you’re looking at hire costs in excess of £300 for a week, not including insurance and ever-more-expensive petrol, you might be tempted to spend just that little bit more for an extra body.

Using a Removal Company

There are many removal companies that source the majority of their income from house moves, and you might be thinking that the expertise of these companies makes them perfect for your house move. In many cases this is true. If you are located in Perth, the friendly team at Fox Removals can help with your house, office or apartment move In Perth, WA and are only a phone call away. The cost of a removal service for a typical three-bedroomed house for most removal companies is around £815 – a huge expense even for the more well-up household. And with perennial horror stories about goods getting broken or lost in transit, you want to be sure that money guarantees the safe arrival of everything in your manifest.

Using a Man and Van Service

Of course, there is something of a middle ground between hiring your own van and hiring a full-on haulage company; the man-and-van service. Using a Man and Van service can be a very cost-effective way of moving house, with prices as low as £500 when using platforms such as delivery Quote Compare. These kinds of services are often far more customer-oriented than the larger removal companies, and direct communication with your driver makes for a much smoother moving process, with less chance of breakage and less need for moving insurance. The significant decrease in cost makes it less of a middle ground and more of a preferable alternative, especially when the price lies close to the cost of renting a van and the headache of loading it yourself.


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