Getting divorced is rarely easy on top of all the emotional baggage and triggers associated with divorce. 


A good divorce attorney can handle many court requirements and allow you to deal with the emotional fallout. 


However, sometimes the emotional turmoil and legalese become intertwined in getting a divorce. This is especially true for getting a Separation Agreement in Florida. This article will examine the ins and outs of separation agreements and the steps you should take if you are getting divorced in Florida.

Legal Separation Is Not Allowed In Florida

Legal separation is an agreement by both parties to remain legally married but live in separate houses. Many people choose legal separation over divorce for several reasons: staying married to satisfy religious beliefs, staying in married insurance plans, meeting social security qualifications, and other tax benefits.


However, legal separations are not legal in the state of Florida. Technically, you could still live apart. However, it won’t be recognized by the governing board.

Exploring Temporary Relief

The Florida court won’t recognize legal separation. However, they will allow legal temporary relief in getting a divorce. Temporary relief is granted for spouses to settle custody issues and housing disputes. 


Remember, though, that temporary relief is only temporary, and it is only applicable when you are in the process of finalizing your divorce.

When is it Appropriate to Live Separately Before Divorcing

In cases of Domestic Violence

In cases where domestic violence is an occurrence at home. It is beneficial to leave or file an application for your spouse to be forced to leave the house.


While a separation agreement in Florida can sometimes complicate the proceedings, if you are living in fear in your house and marriage, separating is the best course of action.


Toxic Home Environment

A toxic home environment doesn’t have to include domestic violence, and it can be emotional abuse or simply constant arguing. These factors can make the home a depressive and emotionally draining place, which leads to depression and anxiety for both spouses. In cases like these, creating a separation agreement in Florida might be the best option for everyone involved, including the children.

Consult An Attorney Before Making a Separation Agreement in Florida

A separation agreement can complicate the divorce procedure by adding more variables to the proceedings. If you feel a separation agreement is necessary, we recommend you contact a divorce attorney beforehand to make a legal plan. A divorce attorney can guide you through the pitfalls that living separately can create when wanting a divorce. Divorces are almost always complicated. The last thing you want to do is add to the complexity.

Getting a Divorce is Never Simple, But an Attorney Can Help

Divorces are a minefield of hurt feelings, confused emotions, and annoying bureaucracy. It’s hard to believe anyone has ever had an easy divorce, and when you add living in separate houses into the mix, it only gets more complicated. A divorce lawyer can make this confusing time easier for both spouses and their family.