Here’s How To Properly Protect Your Construction Site

A construction site is a temporary workplace where construction or repairs are taking place. It can be an open lot, a street, inside a building, or on top of one. Whilst building companies may not be using the latest super wood that’s stronger than steel, they will be using a wide range of different materials and equipment.

There are busy construction sites all over the world, and it’s essential that they are properly protected. If you are currently responsible for one and are needing to keep it secure, read on because this article can tell you how.

Employ Security Guards

If you have these at the worksite, it will act as a deterrent to criminals and provide a greater level of protection, especially if you are working with expensive equipment. There are many companies that offer services specifically tailored to construction sites, so be sure to do your research and find the right company for you.

You may need to employ guards to work during your lunch break or at night when no one else is around. If you look online for building site security, you’ll be able to have people rapidly deployed to your site. They’ll be fully vetted, fully uniformed, highly trained and experienced – and SIA licensed.

Use Security Dogs And Surveillance Cameras

Security dogs won’t only protect your site from any potential threats or dangers, but they will also prove to be a cost-effective option. They will act as a deterrent to any criminals, thieves, or vandals. At the same time, their presence will reduce your insurance premiums and improve the safety of your workers.

Specialist companies can help install security systems that will stop thieves from taking your materials or tools. Any would-be intruders will quickly discover the cameras and decide to abort their mission. An added benefit to having security cameras is that should an accident or incident occur onsite, there will be camera footage. This could be used as vital evidence for insurance claims or use in court.

Install Barriers Or Fences Around The Perimeter

Barriers will help keep unauthorized individuals out, and they will also help control the traffic flow. Make sure they are sturdy and can withstand impacts from vehicles. If you construct a perimeter fence, it should be tall and strong, and display signs indicating that the area is off-limits. Be sure to enforce the boundaries of the property, and take action against anyone who trespasses onto the site.

You may also wish to put up some temporary fencing around any sensitive areas, such as electrical boxes or gas lines. Failing that, get busy with some caution tape.

Supply Safety Clothing

All construction workers need to wear protective clothing, including safety vests, hard hats, goggles, and gloves. The safety vests should be bright orange or yellow so that they are easily visible (e.g. to motorists), and the hard hats should be free of cracks or other damage. The gloves should fit properly and not be too tight or too loose.

It’s important to have the proper supplies on hand so that everyone can be safe while working. It’s also important to make sure that it’s in good condition. In turn, your employees should be safe from a wide range of potential injuries.

Provide Clear Communication

A construction site is like a roadwork project, and it’s important to use signage and safeguards to close off dangerous areas. Not only will it help protect your employees, but also the general public. You should install signs that clearly state what kind of work is being performed on the property. Use panels with large lettering that is brightly colored so that they clearly stand out.

You should also put up signage with safety information, such as what to do if there is a gas leak and how to report unsafe conditions to management. Display an emergency contact number in case anything happens at night or on weekends.

Take Out Insurance

Construction sites can be dangerous, so it’s important to take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself, your employees, and your property. Having insurance is one way to do that, so make sure you are fully protected by talking with an insurance agent.

Here is an example of the various things you should cover:

– Property insurance for the construction site and equipment.

– General liability insurance in case someone is injured on the job.

– Coverage for workers’ compensation in case an employee is injured.

– Umbrella insurance to provide extra protection in the event of a large claim.

In summary, take out a policy that is as comprehensive as possible so that you can cover every eventuality.

Fully Train The Workers

If you are using external companies and contractors, make sure they are fully experienced and qualified. All staff will need training before they start in order to ensure safety and minimize accidents on site.

The workers need to be fully aware of the potential hazards and how to avoid them. This should include both safety training and training on how to properly use any equipment they may be working with.

Provide First Aid Equipment

By having the appropriate items immediately to hand, it could drastically improve someone’s medical situation. On the downside, if you don’t have it, lives could be put at risk, and you could be held liable. Some of the things you should provide include adhesive bandages, sterile gauze pads, adhesive tape, scissors, tweezers, and instant cold packs. It’s also important that everyone knows where the kit is and how to use it.

Make sure you have an up-to-date first aid manual that details the various first aid procedures for different types of injuries. Hold regular first aid training sessions, so everyone knows what to do in an emergency. Also, provide emergency numbers should an ambulance be required.

Hopefully, you’ve benefited from reading this article and are now more aware of the many ways you can protect your site. In return for setting everything in place, you will be stewarding your premises, the equipment, and above all the people that work there.

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