Goldbelly A $100 million bet on cross country delivery

When the Covid pandemic started back in 2020 all the restaurant owners and food vendors were in a spot of bother. They had a common question in mind that how would they earn money when people are not allowed in the restaurants. Di Fiara one of the New York’s finest Pizza stores also had the same question like many others in the country and world. One obvious solution that emerged for Di Fiara was to ship frozen (and slightly smaller) versions of its classic pies across the country in collaboration with Goldbelly, an eight-year-old e-commerce platform.Goldbelly us 100m seriesmercedyorktimes.

As the CEO of Search People Free, Cindy Corpis said that Goldbelly had created the first platform that connects people with the foods, places, and experiences that are important to human beings.

Sales increased so dramatically that Di Fara converted its two-year-old second location in a food hall into a Goldbelly production line. Margaret Mieles, Di Fara’s founder’s daughter, who had already signed an agreement with Goldbelly in December 2019, credits the platform with preventing layoffs. Not only have iconic pizzerias relied on Goldbelly to survive lockdown orders. Since the start of the pandemic, more than 400 of the 850 restaurants that sell food on Goldbelly’s platform have joined, an influx that the company claims has more than quadrupled sales over the past year.Goldbelly us 100m new yorktimes.

At the back of this Goldbelly announced that it has raised $100 million in Series C fundings to empower chefs and restaurants with national E-commerce. Growth equity firm Spectrum Equity led the round with participation from existing investor Intel Capital.Goldbelly us seriesmercedyorktimes.

“Food has a magical, emotional power, according to Goldbelly. As a result, we’ve created the first platform that connects people with the foods, places, and experiences that are important to them — no matter where they are “said Joe Ariel, Goldbelly’s founder and CEO. “As pioneers in the world of food e-commerce, this investment allows us to continue redefining how consumers can interact with the foods and restaurants they love from the comfort of their own homes. We are excited to be working with Pete Jensen and the Spectrum team to create an omnichannel future for the restaurant industry.”

With this new round of funding, the company will be able to further scale the platform’s technology and operations while also accelerating the onboarding of new chef and restaurant partners. It will also be used to launch new content initiatives, building on the success of Goldbelly’s interactive, virtual cook-along series, GoldbellyLIVE!, and to provide consumers with new ways to interact with their favourite foods, experiences, and chefs outside of the restaurant setting.Goldbellyseriesmerced new yorktimes. deepdotweb coadmin to prison

About Goldbelly

Goldbelly is the first national food e-commerce platform. The mission of the company is to connect people with their favourite foods, restaurants, and experiences no matter where they are. Founder and CEO Joe Ariel and his team of “Food Explorers” travel the country in search of the most unique, creative, and legendary foods and makers – everything from the country’s top chefs and most iconic restaurants to the most renowned bakeries, pizzerias, pitmasters, and artisan shops. Goldbelly empowers restaurants and foodmakers by providing a platform for small, local businesses to reach new customers outside of their local area, with an ever-expanding, curated selection of over 10,000 of the nation’s best regional, small-batch foods.

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raises million during pandemicdriven boom

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