Genoveffa Darone: Bio, Age, Lorenzo Insigne Wife

Genoveffa Darone is a well-known Italian homemaker. Despite being a homemaker, she is utterly famous. Before talking about the reason behind her fame, take a look at some basic things about Genoveffa.  She was born on 24 June 1992 in Frattamaggiore, Italy. Thus, it clears the fact that her zodiac sign is Cancer. Genoveffa represents Italian nationality. Just like most Italians, she is a devotee of Jesus. Genoveffa is the wife of the famous Italian football player Lorenzo Insigne.  Genoveffa is the wife of the famous Italian football player Lorenzo Insigne. The world knows her as the wife of Lorenzo Insigne, who is one of the most famous football players from Italy.

She lived with her husband in Napoli from 2012 to 2022 as her husband played for SSC Napoli in Serie A. However, in 2022, he made a move to Toronto FC of Major League Soccer, better known as MLS. Hence, the family moved to the Canadian capital for the time Insigne plays for Toronto FC. However, after his time in the MLS or football, the family would return to Italy as their permanent home. The pair are the parents of two named Christian Insigne and Carmine Insigne. In Napoli, both kids are very famous due to the services their father gave to the historical Italian club.

Genoveffa Darone’s Wiki

Genoveffa Darone is a WAG who is famous for being the wife of Lorenzo Insigne. The pair did marry in 2012 and are blessed to have two children named Christian Insigne and Carmine Insigne. She did light the world on 24 September 1993 in Frattaminore, Italy, making Libra her zodiac sign. The pair did marry in Frattaminore, Italy. The pair did marry at the pace Genoveffa was born. Her husband’s birthplace in Naples, Italy, and he was born on 4 June 1991. As of 2022, Lorenzo Insigne earns a salary from the club of around 1.4 crores USD (2022). It does tell a lot about the background of this family football family from Italy. Roberto Insigne, Marco Insigne, and Antonio Insigne are brothers-in-law of Genoveffa. Carmine Insigne and Patrizia Insigne are her father and mother-in-law. She is very close to the family on her husband’s side.

It does tell a lot about how close Genoveffa is and how she does make the family feel close and special. She does follow the Christian religion. Genoveffa is the only one in her family who has done cosmetic surgeries. It does show the different side she has, a love for beauty.

Genoveffa Darone

Genoveffa Darone Physical Stats 

The better half of Insigne looks like a pure model. However, in real life, she is not a model. Genoveffa Darone height is 5 feet and 9 inches tall Dark brown eyes and hair indeed make her look just stunning. The body measurements of Genoveffa are 36-26-36 inches. Genoveffa’s feet size is 6 (US). Genoveffa indeed does not like making tattoos.

However, she has done many cosmetic surgeries on her face. It does give her a model-alike look. She has done a lip job and a lot of work on her face as well as other parts of her body, giving a look like a lady from South America.

It is what many WAGs do nowadays as physical looks have become a common practice. She is not a gym freak but keeps her weight around 74 kg. It does show the art of being fit she knows.

Genoveffa Darone’s Parents, Children, Education 

Flavio (father) and Evelina (mother) Darone took care of Genoveffa with gentle hands. She grew up with two sisters Lucia and Violetta and one brother Roberto. Genoveffa Darone was the youngest among the four. Hence, she got most of her wishes fulfilled. It was indeed the best part of her childhood. Her father, Flavio, is a farmer. The very profession allowed him to give the family basic needs.  

Genoveffa Darone
Lorenzo Insigne with his family

School M. Stanzione became the place of her basic education. She was indeed a very good learner. However, Genoveffa never had the dream of becoming a doctor or scientist. For higher studies, she went to the University of Naples Federico II. Therefore, it helped her to gain a bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts. 

She is very close to her father. Sharing her love for her father Genoveffa said.

“My father is the hero who has worked all the way for the family to grow and take care of things very well. He is a hero who has done all the hard work for us. And now when I pay him back his love, it does make me and my siblings very proud,” she said.

It does show how close they are as a family who loves each other from the core.

Genoveffa Darone Marriage, Children 

Genoveffa started her love life with Lorenzo Insigne in 2010. It took them just two years to get married. On 31 December 2012, Genoveffa married Lorenzo. It was indeed a great day for both. The pair is blessed to have two children. On 4 April 2013, Genoveffa gave birth to a daughter Carmine Insigne. Nearly two years later, Genoveffa and Lorenzo became the parents of Christian Insigne (son).

They are a happy family that has all the money to live a perfect life. This is what they see as a major way of dealing with things and creating a very good impact. The family does help those who need it the most with regular work of helping NGOs in Italy and some other parts of the world. After Lorenzo retires from football, the family has planned to live most of their lives in Napoli only as they are very connected with the place.

Genoveffa Darone Husband Lorenzo Insigne

Genoveffa Darone husband is Lorenzo Insigne a professional Italian footballer. The Italian made his debut for Napoli in 2010. Lorenzo’s club career is all about Napoli. He had some loan spells at Cavese, Foggia, and Pescara. However, most of his career is all about Napoli. In 2012, he made his debut in Italy. Insigne left Napoli in 2022 after a long spell, where he did have many great moments.

He did make a move to Toronto FC in 2022. The move came when he was 31 years old which in modern football is not an age when one leaves Europe for playing football in the MLS as most footballers do go around 34 years of age. In Serie A, he did play 337 times for Napoli and scored 97 goals. Had he stayed for a bit longer, he would have scored 100 goals in the Italian top-flight for The Blues.

He is UEFA European Championship 2020, which happened in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the winner with Italy. For Napoli, Insigne won Coppa Italia twice – 2013–14, 2019–20, and Supercoppa Italiana once in 2014. As Juventus won most of the Serie A titles during his time, it did not allow him to win a major honor.

Genoveffa Darone

Genoveffa Darone Education

 School M. Stanzione is the place where Genoveffa Darone did study to get a basic education. Her goal during school time was to learn English, so she can be fluent in Italian and English. Hence, she can speak two languages now. Genoveffa did then join the University of Naples Federico II and got a degree in Creative Arts. This is the reason behind her growth of her in terms of managing the house in an aesthetically pleasing way. During school, she never liked studying a lot as all the time she used to think about playing with friends and talking to them about her feelings and all. Her aim then was to become a fashion model. However, her love for art outsmarts her passion for modeling.

“Genoveffa was a very bubbly girl. I always liked the way she used to conduct herself. As she was calm, it did help us to understand her very well and try to help her to shape the future. And her love for learning the English language still inspires us (teachers) a lot as back then, It was not a trend in Italy to learn English,” her teacher Lizzano Roco told us via Zoom interview.

Genoveffa Darone’s Professional Career 

Genoveffa Darone had dedicated her life to the Insigne family. She could have easily worked in Nepales. However, Lorenzo’s football career needed extra care. Since 2012, she has worked her level best to make things better for Lorenzo. Therefore, their fans of Napoli do respect her a lot. She also supports Lorenzo during his football matches for the club as well as Italy. Well, Lorenzo is one lucky man.    

Genoveffa Darone’s Social Media 

Genoveffa is indeed not a typical WAG. She loves to share her Instagram post with her limited circle. Genoveffa Darone has over 1,607 followers on Insta. She mostly can see her sharing family life. 

Genoveffa Darone Net Worth

Genoveffa Darone has a net worth of USD 2 million as of 2023. All the money has come from her husband’s side as he is a rich football player. Lorenzo Insigne has a net worth of Euros 70 million as of 2023 and it is keep on growing as he plays for the club who does pay him millions every season. Other than that, he does have personal sponsorships that do make him earn a lot of good sums. The pair have invested a lot of money in real estate also. It is giving them good returns. Genoveffa does have a mega collection of 120 luxury bags. She is obsessed with the style Balmain Paris comes up with in bags.

The family does have five luxury cars. It is a mix of sports, sedan, and SUV cars. They have a home in Napoli that has worth 10 million. It does show the rich life they live and how it does help them to push things forward for becoming richer and helping poor people also. At the time of COVID, they did help many families in Italy in a massive manner. This does show the aim of the charity they have.

Genoveffa Darone Trivia

  • Genoveffa Darone does like to cook, spend time with family, eat pizza and read books.
  • She doe like to decorate places as it is a part of her education being a Creative Arts graduate.
  • Genoveffa did marry Lorenzo Insigne in 2012.
  • Christian Insigne and Carmine Insigne are the children of Genoveffa and footballer Lorenzo Insigne.
  • Genoveffa’s favorite football club is SSC Napoli and she does support Italy in internationals.
  • Genoveffa likes red and pink colors the most.
  • The net worth of Genoveffa is USD 2 million.
  • She does like Italian and French cuisine.
  • She wanted to become a model when she was a kid.


Q Who is Genoveffa Darone?


Genoveffa is the wife of famous Italian footballer Lorenzo Insigne.


Q Who is Lorenzo Insigne’s wife?

Genoveffa Darone is the wife of Lorenzo Insigne. They did marry in 2012.


Q Who are the kids of Lorenzo Insigne?

Christian Insigne and Carmine Insigne are the children of  Genoveffa and Lorenzo Insigne.


Q Does Insigne speak English?


Insigne does not speak English at a fluent level, but he can understand if speaking slowly. The only language he knows is Italian.


Q How old is Lorenzo Insigne?


Lorenzo Insigne is 34 years old. He was born on 4 June 1991 in Naples, Italy.





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