From A to Z: Terminology of the gambling industry

The OnlineCasinoProfy team has compiled a list of gambling terms for the readers of our publication, which may be useful for both the player on each top slot site and the operator.

Ludomania ー a mental disorder in humans that manifests itself in their pathological gambling addiction.

Slot development ー the process of creating slot machines for online casinos.

An affiliate system ー an affiliate program in which one side of the agreement receives a reasonable commission for attracting new customers to the other side’s website, in this case, ー an online casino.

Betting (sports betting) ー is a type of online betting based on a monetary wager on the outcome of a sporting event.

Bitcoin Casino ー is a gambling platform where all financial transactions are made exclusively in the digital currency Bitcoin.

Bonus hunters ー Internet gamblers whose main activity is to find various casino bonuses and rewards.

Casino bonuses ー are one of the methods to encourage and motivate online gamblers to play on this website (free spins, wild symbols, multipliers, etc.).

Casino hacking ー unlawful hacking to gain unrestricted access to the software of a web-based gambling platform.

The casino platform ー is the web resource software responsible for controlling all functions on the website. Without it, slot machines, roulette, poker, and other games on the website will not work.

Casino advertising ー the process of popularising the gambling project by developing an effective advertising campaign.

Casino streaming ー live streaming of gambling by the player online.

Casino tournaments ー a type of competition between players on specific online gaming devices.

Churn Rate, CR (Customer Churn Rate) ー a key figure in an online casino whose value reflects the ratio between the number of players who have left the casino and the active users during a certain period.

Fantasy Sports ー betting on virtual sports competitions and contests with prototypes of world-famous teams and players from various sports.

Freespin ー is one of the types of no deposit bonuses in online casinos that is activated when a certain number of scatters or special free spin symbols are hit.

Gambler ー online gambler for money.

A gambling license ー an official document that permits the gambling business.

Gambling operator ー the owner of an online casino.

Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) ー is one of the most important KPIs in the gambling business, standing for gross gaming revenue. It reflects the number of money visitors have left in the casino while gambling.

A high roller ー is a big player in online and offline casinos whose financial means allow him to place big bets and play with very high limits.

A gambling aggregator ー provider of one-stop solutions for the successful operation of online gambling projects.

A gambling provider ー provider of software for online gambling platforms.

Jackpot (top prize) ー the main prize in many games of chance: Slot machines, lotteries, etc.

Live dealer ー real people acting as croupiers in an online casino.

Lifetime Value, LTV ー is a metric that reflects the net profit an online casino receives from an individual player over the course of their gaming activity on a gambling resource.

Multiplayer Slot ー a type of gambling in which multiple players may be involved.

Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) ー A measure of the net revenue of a casino without taking into account various operating costs.

Payline ー A specific line on a slot machine that represents a winning combination of lucky symbols. Each slot machine must have at least one pay line. However, some slot machines have more than 20 pay lines, such as the Mega Fortune online slot, which has 25 pay lines.

The progressive jackpot ー is the maximum win in an online casino that increases with each subsequent game.

The rakeー is a commission in poker that is allocated by the owner of the poker room for the game. This amount can be a percentage of the winnings (between 1% and 5%) or a fixed amount.

Responsible Gaming ー A list of online casino rules aimed at protecting the rights of players, ensuring their safety, preventing unauthorized access to user accounts and keeping people under 18 away from gambling.

RTP ー the percentage of a player’s payout recorded by the slot developers.

Revenue Share GGY ー An affiliate scheme based on a profitable partnership between two parties. The scheme is as follows: One company receives a share of the other party’s profits.

RNG, or random effect in online casinos ー An algorithm that aims to generate numbers in random order. This mechanism guarantees the player a fair payout of the results.

A video slot ー is the equivalent of a conventional slot machine, except that all the game action takes place online and is displayed on the screen.

Volatility ー is a measure of the level of risk that determines the frequency and amount of casino winnings.

VR casinos ー gambling offers that use modern VR technology. Thanks to this technology, players can immerse themselves in the virtual world of online gambling from the comfort of their own home, wander through the casino and visit all the rooms and spaces.

Bet ー the minimum number of bets a player must place in order to withdraw the casino bonuses won from their personal account.

Keith ー a player who plays with very high stakes, similar to a high roller.

White Label ー is a business concept where you can open your online casino quickly and cheaply based on a more well-known gambling brand. A large gambling operator offers to develop a turnkey casino for a young start-up company, for which they then receive a percentage of the profits. The main feature of the white label is that no separate license needs to be acquired.

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