Four Great Free-To-Play Poker Apps

Poker is one of the most popular games played in the United States, not just at a professional level but on a casual level too. People are playing poker for all kinds of reasons and in all kinds of places. This began when national television channels like ESPN started broadcasting the World Series of Poker in multiple time slots in the early 2000s. The masses seeing online poker live on television sparked a poker boom in 2003 that still has the classic card game thriving today in 2022. Now with the advancement of technology, poker is no longer limited to playing in person, the internet makes it possible to play with people all over the world. Online poker is popular but only a handful of states offer real money games for profit. The alternative then is the free-to-play market and some of the best poker apps in existence are free-to-play, thus making them legal in all states, not just the few that exist. Free-to-play poker is a popular way to play the classic card game because it’s fully legal. With this article, we want to introduce you to four poker apps that are worth sinking your hard-earned hours into.

World Series of Poker

It’s only fair that the world-renowned World Series of Poker had its own app for people to play games with. There’s a plethora of poker apps out there but the WSOP tapped one of the biggest developers in gaming Electronic Arts to flesh out the app. The WSOP app, has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface making it easy for players to jump in and out of games as they please. WSOP takes it a step further and even implements its branding into the game, allowing players to win virtual WSOP bracelets to show off against their opponents, something no other poker app can do.

Jackpot Poker by PokerStars

Jackpot Poker provides users with an incredible poker-playing experience without all the risk-taking we see professionals do. With Jackpot Poker you can be assured that you’re always playing against real players, no AI or computer players are present. Jackpot boosts over 400,000 real players on their servers on a daily basis. Looking to learn before hopping on the online servers? There’s a mode called poker quizzes allowing you to solve riddles, answer questions and solve poker scenarios. So whether you’re a beginner or a veteran trying to up your game, Jackpot Poker is a special app.



It’s easy to be intimidated by poker when there’s money on the line, and players who have been playing the game for years on end, that’s where PlayWPT comes in. It’s been the industry standard app for those searching for more of a casual experience that lacks pressure and gives players a chance to learn the game before going up against veterans. PlayWPT boasts crossplay features too allowing players first to play on their phone, computer, laptop or tablet, but also lets you play anyone in the world regardless of platform.

Zynga Poker

Developed by one of the leaders in the creation of social media games Zynga’s version of poker is confirmed to have millions of players to go against. With Zynga Poker they have Leagues for players to join containing weekly leaderboards allowing players to see where they rank amongst all competition in their league. Upon installation, Zynga gives you 60,000 free chips so you can get started playing online right away. Another useful feature that Zynga gives you is the ability to play at fast tables or slow tables where the action is paced accordingly. Zynga has also added the ability to earn watches when you win games too, a much-requested feature giving players something to chase after and a reward to display after winning tournaments.

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