Forex Trading Market and its Size

The foreign exchange market, or the FX market,t is the world’s largest market. It is an electronic market called the over-the-counter (OTC) market. You can do this business anywhere if you have a good internet connection. Also, the market does not have any physical location. This digital trade is made through central banks, institutional investors, and financial organizations. In 2019, the Triennial Central Bank and Bank for International Settlements estimated a daily turnover of $6.6 trillion. $2 trillion were spot transactions, and $4.6 trillion was outright forward trade, swaps, mt5 crm and other derivatives. Also check hot forex minimum deposit.

The total volume of the Forex market

The total worth of the world’s Forex market is about $1.93 quadrillion. It is almost 2.5X more prominent than the global GDP. Everyday trade reaches about 5.3 trillion dollars. 7 currency pairs make about 85% of the total transactions. These pairs include EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, and USD/CHF. It will take 31,688 years to spend one trillion dollars by paying a dollar every second. Thus, it would take 126,118 years to spend 5.3 trillion dollars.

Retail Forex trading makes only 5.5% of the total market. The daily volume of this trade is 53 times more than New York Stock Exchange. With 25% shares, Deutsche Bank is the largest shareholder. This trade is made in approximately 170 currencies. The forex market remains open for 24 hours.,equities%20(stock)%20market.

Sharing of Currency in Forex market                      U.S dollar is the king of forex trading. It takes about 84.9% of all transactions. The euro has the second place with a percentage of 39.1%. Yen comes in the third position with a share of 19.0%. All major currencies occupy the top spots. Other currencies having claims include the pound sterling with 12.9%, the Australian dollar with 7.6%, and the Canadian dollar with 5.3 percentages. All other currencies make up 25% of the total share.

Country-wise share

The United Kingdom is the biggest trading center. In April 2019, it was recorded that 43.1% of the total FX trade was from London. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) everyday calculates its drawing rights. They make their calculations according to the London market price. Other countries’ trade contributions include the U.S with 16.5 %, Singapore and Hong Kong with 7.6% shares, and Japan with 4.5% shares.

Technology related stats

The most admired Forex trading platform is Meta Trader4. MT5 is in the second position and was also developed by Meta Traders. Most traders use mobile phones or tablets to search for a broker. Android phone is preferred over iOS. Their proportion is 56.1% Android and 41.8% iOS. Among Androids, Samsung is in the first position.  The window Desktop usage percentage is 85.

Stats regarding Forex Traders

John Forman, in his research, has shown that 99.6% of the traders are unable to attain four back-to-back profitable segments. From March 2014 t0 March 2015, the ratio of female account creation rose by 46%. But, women still represent only 10.9 %, according to the research of BrokerNotes.


This article has discussed Forex trading, its total size globally, currency sharing in the market, countries with the most significant shares, and stats regarding technology. In the end, we analyzed the figures about Forex traders.


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