For Healthy Pregnancy Include Vitamin B

Each nutrient is necessary for proper bodily function. Vitamin B is one of those essential vitamins that contribute to various body functions. Vitamin B is not only one vitamin but a combination of eight vitamins including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, and cobalamin.  Each of these vitamins is important to prevent infections and promote immunity systems. The reliable dentist in Oxnard also mentions it impacts dental health as well, so add that to its many benefits! Along with that, it takes care of your energy levels, better eyesight, brain functions, healthy digestion, cardiovascular health,  proper nervous system,  healthy appetite,  red blood cell growth, hormone production, and cholesterol regulation. Though vitamin B are very helpful in promoting the health of men, children, and women, it plays a crucial role in women’s health during pregnancy. Here you will know the natural sources of vitamin B and how it takes care of pregnant women’s health. 

Natural sources of Vitamin B: 

There are various sources of vitamin B which include dairy products like milk, cheese, and curds, meat such as chicken, red meat, liver, kidney,  eggs, fish like Salmon, Merkel, tuna, and shellfish such as clams, oysters, and dark green vegetables like kale, spinach, vegetables like potatoes, beets, avocados, and many more. Mainly, these are good sources of vitamin B12 mainly that play an important role in promoting good health in pregnant women. Though vitamin B12 tablets are available in the market,  it is better to maintain vitamin B12 from the Natural sources. Other sources of vitamin B are seeds, yeast, wheat, soy, beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, nuts, fruits like citrus, watermelon, Friso Indonesia, and banana. 

Roles of Vitamin B in pregnancy:

  • Vitamin B1 helps in developing the baby’s brain.  
  • Vitamin B 2 or riboflavin are essential for good eyesight in infants and also add benefits to your skin with a healthy glow. 
  • Vitamin B3 which is known for improving digestion also reduces migraines and nausea in your pregnancy. 
  • Vitamin B5 which is known as pantothenic acid that helps you to prevent some strange and frustrating things occur in your body during pregnancy like cramps and pains. 
  • Vitamin B6 is very helpful in developing the nervous systems that help pregnant women in their mental health. Also, it produces serotonin and norepinephrine which are two essential neurotransmitters that help them in their metabolic functions. Along with that, it helps in alleviating nausea and vomiting which are the side effects of pregnancy. 
  • Vitamin B7 takes care of the health of skin, nails, and hair. So recommended by doctors to take plenty of biotin-rich foods which includes milk mushroom oats and others. 
  • B9 is also called Folic acid which is very well known for the health of fetuses in pregnant women.  It also helps in producing red blood cells that are quite necessary for mother and her baby. 
  • Vitamin B12 is required for the formation of the Spine and the brain in babies. It also works in DNA synthesis as well as red blood cells production in the infant. 

Along with pregnant women, vitamin B is quite important for those who are suffering from anemia, skin rashes, nausea, swollen tongue, confusion, depression, skin issues, abdominal cramps, constipation, digestive issues, numbness, and others. If you are taking vitamin B12 tablets , make sure to avoid the overuse of it because it will have side effects on your body and you will face excessive thirst,  blurry vision, increased urination, diarrhea, skin condition,  and many others. Try to take vitamin B from natural sources as much as possible. In your pregnancy, consult the doctor before taking the supplement.

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