Five surprising things about an MBA degree

As a business student, you must be familiar with top business degrees to enhance your business skillset. Acquiring an MBA degree can make you eligible for managerial-level jobs in multinational companies. Also, you can opt to build a career in the public or government sector as per your choice. It helps you nurture management and leadership skills by providing you with in-depth knowledge about different aspects of the business. It enables you to develop critical thinking to make the right decisions in crucial situations and keep everything on track. 

Earning an MBA degree qualifies you for different positions, including marketing manager, financial officer, accountant, chief executive officer, human resources manager, and the list goes on. As you can see, that MBA is not specifically restricted to the business landscape. If you want to enter the accounting or finance field, you can opt for an MBA degree in one of these disciplines. As an MBA degree holder, you can explore plenty of career opportunities. Let’s find out some surprising things about MBA that will help you make the right career decisions as per your interest. 

Increase in Online MBA Programs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the online MBA trend surprisingly increased by 43.5%. There was no such growth seen during the pre-pandemic time. 

But after lockdown, students started to enroll in an online general MBA program from all over the world. Also, it became a convenient option for the professionals working remotely and who wanted to pursue further studies during the pandemic. 

Although the pandemic situation is better now, you never know when another COVID variant will shake the world again. Online MBA programs have become the first choice of students worldwide because it offers a great level of convenience and flexibility to manage their schedule efficiently. 

MBA Graduates are Always in Demand 

One of the best aspects of an MBA degree is that it gives you an edge over other applicants. It not only strengthens your academic profile but also increases your significance in the eyes of employers. According to research, around 92% of recruiters will give preference to candidates having MBA degrees in the future. So, it shows how an MBA degree can positively impact your career growth. 

The demand for MBA varies among different industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so you need to decide considering the current situation. For example, it may not be a great idea to opt for a business management career in the travel industry. It is one of those industries which has been badly affected due to the pandemic. In contrast, data analysis and technology sectors are booming, which is creating many opportunities for MBA graduates. So, you need to make decisions accordingly to elevate your career. 

Skill Development through MBA 

MBA degree is the perfect blend of hard and soft skills that prepares you to overcome the tough challenges of the business world. You get the chance to learn various skills while completing an MBA degree that goes a long way in your professional career. 

Firstly, it provides you with the hands-on knowledge and practical experience of your relevant field that helps you nurture hard skills. Then it allows you to develop soft skills that include communication, problem-solving, teamwork, project management, and leadership. While studying different courses during the MBA program, you get the opportunity to sharpen these skills while working on various assignments and projects. Additionally, if you already know you want to use your MBA in a specific field like the healthcare sector, you can look into getting an online MBA with healthcare concentration so that you develop the skills you need for your desired focus. So, taking this all into account, skill development is one of the most integral parts of an MBA that helps you fulfill your professional duties efficiently.

Building a Network through MBA 

One of the major aspects of earning an MBA degree is that it allows you to build a solid network. You should understand that networking helps you to achieve your career goals. So, when you get to meet with students, professors, mentors, and influential figures with different backgrounds, you get to know the dos and don’ts of the business world. 

Also, through networking, you can increase your chances of getting your desired job in top companies. When people get to know your professional skills and capabilities, they may refer you to the relevant position. You never know that a person you are meeting at any event or conference can be your next boss. 


Enabling you to Start Business

Do not be shocked to hear that MBA alumni started brands like Victoria’s Secret and Nike. MBA covers a vast range of concepts and topics that help you think outside of the box strategies. It helps you better understand the needs and issues of your target audience to build a business plan accordingly. 

With an MBA degree, you do not necessarily have to find a job. It empowers you to gain financial freedom by working on your terms and conditions. So, once you have the right business sense, you can begin your entrepreneurial journey as per your vision. 


In the current competitive marketplace, if you want to gain cutting-edge over others as a business student, earning an MBA degree is a must. It helps you find out your weaknesses and strengths to make the right decisions in your professional life. Also, if you do not want to start a business, it will prepare you to conduct yourself in the best way throughout your professional career. By harnessing soft and hard skills through this degree, you can easily achieve your targets and contribute positively to your organization. 


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