Fertilization and Weed Control Services for Your Home or Business

Spring is coming up, which means you have to go through your annual tradition of trying to control the plethora of weeds on your lawn. Because this issue is so prevalent, many opt for fertilization and weed control services.

But what are these services? What are the benefits of lawn fertilization and weed control services? Do you really need them?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about these lawn care services.

What is Lawn Fertilization?

Lawn fertilization, in a nutshell, is using a mixture of materials to ensure the health of your lawn’s grass. It’s seen as an essential part of making sure your lawn is nice and healthy, especially after winter.

There are three main macronutrients associated with lawn fertilization. These are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. These nutrients make sure you get that green, wavy look for your lawn that every homeowner seeks.

What Does a Lawn Fertilization Service Do?

While you can certainly handle your own lawn fertilization each year, many opt for these specialized services. Why? A lot of it has to do with convenience.

Lawn fertilization service providers are experts in pretty much all kinds of lawns. Regardless of what your lawn looks like or how healthy it’s been, an expert will come by and give it the exact treatment it needs.

They’ll analyze what’s going on in your lawn, then treat it accordingly. They’ll also maintain it as needed.

What is Weed Control?

There are plenty of invasive plants and unwanted organisms in and around our lawns. Weed control is all about preventing or controlling these organisms so that they don’t interfere with the look of our lawns.

Doing so means your grass doesn’t have to compete with other plants for water and nutrients. What you have at the end of the day is greener, healthier grass. 

What Does a Weed Control Service Do?

Weed control relies on various methods to get rid of invasive species in your lawn. This includes hot water to damage the weeds as well as steam. 

Herbicides used to be a common way of getting rid of weeds, but recently many weed control services are using herbicide-free methods. These services will find the optimal strategy that’s both safe and effective.

Benefits of Fertilization and Weed Control Services

It’s hard to overstate just how valuable these services are. Fertilization lets your grass grow healthier and for longer, especially with the right maintenance. Weed control lets that grass grow with no impediments.

Weed often takes up nutrients and water that could otherwise be going to your grass. Fertilized grass that has no invasive species in its way can grow much more effectively.

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Healthier and Greener Grass for You

Growing a beautiful lawn is important to many Americans. Use this guide to help you understand why fertilization and weed control services help you get the healthiest lawn in your neighborhood.

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