Fashion 101: 7 Reasons Why Neutrals Are Your Bestfriend

The early 2000s were all about bright and vivid hues, with the color-blocking trend sweeping the fashion world. In recent years, neutral, earthy tones have gained favor and quickly became popular choices.

To be considered “neutral,” the shade has to be an “earth tone,” unremarkable, basic, or a mixture of the three. In most cases, neutral tones consist of tints or shades of naturally occurring hues.

Fashion and Neutral Tones

If there is one thing that all fashion enthusiasts can agree on, it is that neutrals are in. There are many reasons why neutrals should be your go-to for everyday wear. Here are a few examples that are versatile, flattering, and always in style. 

Start with some classic neutrals if you want to mix up your wardrobe without taking any big risks. You won’t be sorry! Check out stores like Hello Molly for some inspiration.

Benefits of Choosing Neutral Colors For Your Wardrobe

What comes to mind when you hear the word “fashion”? Many people envision bright colors, flashy patterns, and a plethora of accessories. While experimenting with fashion trends is fun, learning how to dress in neutrals can be extremely useful – especially if you want to create a timeless look. 

Why should you make these a part of your wardrobe? Nude colors, browns, beige and similar variations can be a good chance if you’re looking to switch up your look. We’ll discuss the benefits of incorporating neutral colors in your fashion.

Here are a few reasons why neutrals should be your go-to clothing color:

1. Neutrals Are Always in Style

Unlike seasonal looks like bright blazers and striped prints, neutral colors are always trendy. You can always pull off a toned look with browns and pastels in summer or fall in different seasons.

2. Versatility

Neutral colors are extremely versatile – depending on the occasion, they can be dressed up or down. You can style your pair of black jeans for every occasion by switching up the colors for an office look, lunch date, or night out with ease.

3. They Are Flattering on All Body Types

Fashion experts usually advise people with certain body types to avoid specific prints as they don’t complement their bodies well. However, with nude colors, if the material is just right, anyone can look good in them. 

4. Neutrals Go Well With Everything

Earthy tones give your look a refined and timeless edge that never goes out of style. You can look classy with toned-down shades, unlike louder, brighter colors. They mix and match well with other colors and patterns.

5. Effortlessly Conceal Sweat Patches

This is probably the least exciting thing you expected to read about, but it’s a fact. This will come as delightful news for individuals who tend to sweat more than the average person. With neutral colors, you can help hide sweat stains better with colors like black.

6. Balanced Contrasts

Whatever your height, you can play around with contrasts by keeping the tone differences in your bottom and top as minimal as possible. For example, a high contrast outfit would have black pants with a clean white shirt, whereas low contrast would be navy pants with a charcoal grey top. 

These can also be achieved even with lighter colors. If you want to add a little glam to your look, try adding some jewelry, and your outfit will be transformed!

7. Smart and Elegant

Coming up with an outfit with neutral colors is quick and simple, and you know you’ll look instantly stylish. Neutral tones add an elegant edge with minimal effort. You’ll feel so confident and chic in these colors that they’ll likely become staples in your wardrobe and make up your signature look.

Wear It Well

One of the wonderful aspects of fashion is that there are no rules. You have the freedom to wear whatever you want, whenever you want.  Be it clothes, true corset, sneakers, hats, accessories, etc. There are, however, a few fundamental principles that will always help you look your best. Hopefully, our blog post helped you understand why neutrals should be your go-to when putting together an outfit. Keep an eye out for styling tips!

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