FairSpin: Online Blockchain Betting

FairSpin is a blockchain-based online betting site where the payout percentage is guaranteed by a smart contract and the game results cannot be faked.

In fact, all bets, profits and losses are published on the blockchain anonymously and can be viewed along with the total casino balance at any time, ensuring the transparency of the site. The casino platform always has enough funds in its balance for payments.

In addition, it has over 300 popular games; offers absolute anonymity; transparent payment percentages for each game; Instant deposits and withdrawals in ETH and BTC, with no restrictions.

Payout percentage in FairSpin is calculated and game rankings are generated based on the statistics of each game. Ability to check win/loss ratio at any time.

Why Fairspin Instead Of A Regular Casino?

The advantages of FairSpin over a regular casino are many:

  • With this Blockchain online sport betting Canada platform, the user is able to make a bet registered in the blockchain, which is undefined and encrypts the data to make it more secure;
  • In the blockchain, you can see a record of the results of every game that has been played;
  • There is no need to pay commissions or additional checks in order to withdraw winnings in the crypto portfolio;
  • A public blockchain is used to display the casino balance;
  • It is common for bets and player data to be stored on the casino’s servers when a player enters a regular casino;
  • Due to the fact that all algorithms are only logged and recorded at the time of closing the casino, it cannot be verified that the results of the games are accurate;
  • The authorization process for receiving proceeds is a lengthy one, and it takes a considerable amount of time;
  • It is impossible to verify the solvency of the casino because its balance is not public information.

In addition to this, FairSpin offers up to 200% deposit bonuses, bonus recharges, free spins and VIP conditions for high rollers.

“Think about the benefits we offer our players. A positive relationship with every customer is important to us,” the statement reads.

Bonuses And Promotions

FairSpin provides a welcome bonus where it offers 30 free spins for new players, just to sign up. In addition, it offers a bonus on each deposit: the first is up to 100%, +30 FS; the second up to 75%, +30 FS; the third up to 75%, +30 FS; and the fourth deposit up to 200%, +50 FS.

In addition, if the user loses his money in bets, the platform returns 10% of the amount lost. This cashback applies only to deposits made to the balance of the game during the promotional period.

How To Start Using Fairspin?

To start playing FairSpin, you need to register on the platform by clicking on “Start a session with TruePlay” in the top right corner of the site.

From there, you can play hundreds of games from major providers for free after a simple registration process.

Funds can be sent immediately thereafter by clicking on the TruePlay wallet, which is automatically created when you sign up at the casino.

Withdrawals can also be made with a single click to instantly transfer your winnings playing casino games to your TruePlay Wallet after a unique identity verification process.

FairSpin works with leading game providers to achieve the best possible user experience. Including NetEnt, Microgaming and Spinomenal.


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