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The Rivers of Blood Katana is a weapon that primarily scales with the arcane, strength, and dexterity stats. This is the most effective weapon for fighting at a medium range because it can both pierce and slash its opponents. Because this weapon has a blood loss buildup of 66, it is considered to be a bleed weapon exclusively. This incredible weapon comes equipped with a skill called Corpse Piler, which deals damage to both the body and the fire element. This weapon is incapable of having any Ash of War infused into it. However, this weapon will cause a greater buildup of blood loss than the one that is listed on the weapon.

The power of Ghiza’s Wheel, a colossal weapon, is largely determined by its wielder’s agility and strength. This one of the cheap Elden Ring items is notorious for causing a significant amount of blood loss, but in order to use it effectively, you will need a great deal of power.

The physical damage that can be dealt with by this weapon is also of very high quality. The one-of-a-kind ability of this weapon makes it even more extraordinary because it enables the user to spin the weapon at a high rate of speed, which in turn increases the amount of damage it deals with and the amount of blood that is lost over time.

The name of this weapon skill is “Spinning Wheel,” and it is possible to improve it by using the “Somber Smithing Stones,” which will make it an even more dangerous weapon.

Strength and dexterity are scaled together to create hook claws. In addition to causing physical harm, it is well-known for this weapon also results in additional blood loss.

If you wield this weapon with both hands, its damage and blood loss buildup will be increased significantly. It is one of the most effective weapons to employ in close-quarters combat situations.

You can also accelerate the buildup of blood loss by infusing this weapon with Ashes of War and boosting it with magic and consumables. This will make the weapon more effective. Using smithing stones will allow you to improve the quality of this weapon.

In Elden Ring, Flamberge is a greatsword that scales primarily with a player’s dexterity as well as strength. Because of its one-of-a-kind ability, you will be able to embrace the weapon and assume a low stance that will protect you from the majority of the enemy’s attacks.

After that, you have the option of using the devastating upward attack to deal a significant amount of damage to your foes. This weapon has a blood loss buildup of 55, which can be increased by injecting Ashes of War. If you do this, the weapon will deal more damage. Utilizing the Smithing Stone can increase the amount of damage that is dealt by this weapon.

In the Elden Ring, Bloody Helice is a heavy thrusting sword that can be scaled using arcane and dexterity as the primary scaling mechanics. This weapon is effective at dealing with piercing damage as well as contributing to the buildup of blood loss.

You will be able to better avoid the attacks of the adversary and then follow up with a powerful attack thanks to the special ability of this weapon known as Dynasty’s Finesse. You can enhance its blood loss buildup by using the somber smithing stone to give it a more powerful upgrade.

It is not difficult to find the flail in the enormous black wagon that is located close to the enemy camp at Gate front Ruins. You don’t even have to fight for it; you can just sneak in and take it off the back of the caravan without any trouble.

In addition to having a passive effect that causes blood to be lost, this weapon cannot be parried and should be usable right out of the box by most players with high Strength or Dexterity. The spinning strike has the ability to both stun and lock its adversaries in place.

If you travel to the specified location, you will be able to observe a traveling caravan being pulled along by two trolls. To put a stop to the action and seize the Great Ax, all you have to do is kill one of the enemies. The enormous strength requirement of 30 and the weight of 13 makes it abundantly clear that this is a weapon that can only be built with Strength.

In order to complete this one, you will have to engage in a short boss fight, which will be initiated by activating the stone seal in the shape of a circle. As a reward for your accomplishments, you will receive a curved greatsword based on your Strength and Dexterity that has a chance to cause bleeding.

It is important to note that although this weapon can be upgraded by using smithing stones, it cannot be upgraded using Ashes of War. This is something that should be kept in mind. Because it is also quite heavy, you will require some Endurance if you wish to avoid losing your balance.

This weapon can be had for very little money. You will come under attack from a non-player character known as Bloody Finger Nerijus if you travel to the location marked on the map. Even though it looks terrifying, Bloody Finger Hunter Yura will be there to save you in a very short amount of time.

After Nerijus passes away, you will be given the Reduvia, a dagger based on the arcane subtype that deals bleed damage. Those who employ an arcane build are the only ones who can benefit from this, as it stands.

The Elden Ring Twinblade is yet another free weapon that can be obtained. You simply have to go to the basement of the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, open the door, and take it from the chest that is contained within the basement. The problem with this weapon is that, although it can be held in one hand, in order to execute its rapid succession of spinning strikes, you need to use both of your hands. 

You won’t get the full benefit of it if you use shields, so avoid doing so. If you are quick on your feet, the weapon is ideal for taking down groups of adversaries and not allowing them time to respond between attacks. If you are not quick on your feet, the weapon is not ideal for this purpose. You can use these weapons to build your Elden Ring 1.06 best build. 

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