Easily Split Large PDF Files with GogoPDF

The rise of e-commerce and online learning setup are forms of disruptive technologies because they alter the way consumers, students, and businesses operate. Instead of reading printed documents, there is now a greater demand to handle a multitude of digital files and receipts. Whether you are a student attending online classes or a business owner implementing a work-from-home setup, you will need to send and receive PDF documents. However, you might find it difficult to send files with incredibly large sizes Edit pdf.

Email, Facebook, and other social media platforms have an attachment size limit of 25 MB. If your document is beyond that, it will not proceed with sending the attachment. Because of this, you have to reduce its size by splitting it into several files. To do this, you have to use a reliable and convenient website offering split PDF tools, like GogoPDF. 

What is the purpose of splitting PDF pages?

Many people are still wondering why splitting PDF pages is important. If you already know the various reasons why and you are now using one, then good for you because you are maximizing the use of technology. However, if you are not yet familiar, then you are one step behind your colleagues or classmates. With the use of a split PDF tool, you can separate a large PDF file into a few documents to reduce and restructure its size ultimately allowing you to send it via Gmail. Besides that, it also solves the difficulty of locating information when reading a document with hundreds to thousands of pages. You can separate pages that are necessary to your report from those that do not provide valuable information.

How to separate PDF pages using GogoPDF?

There are websites offering a split PDF tool with very poor and inaccurate performance. Some of them affect the arrangement and resolution of the PDF files, making them look unorganized and difficult to read. To avoid having the same unpleasant experience, you should use an online tool that is the best of the bests, namely GogoPDF. It is the only internet-based platform that efficiently and conveniently splits pages of a document. 

The website offers a lot of digital support to its users, including split PDF pages. Check out the steps below on how you can successfully perform the process of extracting pages of a document using GogoPDF.

Step 1

Grab your phone, connect it to the Wi-Fi, and open any of the installed browsers to search for the website. Make sure that you know where you can find the file you wish to split as well as the associated file name. If you are already on the webpage of the split PDF tool, click the select files button to upload the file. You may also use a more direct approach in sending the document to the toolbox through the use of the drag-and-drop option. 

Step 2

After you successfully upload the document, choose from the various ways on how you want the tool to extract it. Once you finish deciding, you can now press the appropriate button to start the process. Wait for a few minutes as the tool separates the pages. It might take longer if you have an unstable internet connection so wait patiently. 

Step 3

Once the website provides the document after the extraction process, you can proceed with downloading it on your device, google drive, or Dropbox account. You may also share it with other people using your social media accounts. Don’t forget to copy the link to the website and send it to your friends whom you think need it during these trying times. 

Why choose GogoPDF to split pages of a PDF file?

There are a lot of reasons why accessing GogoPDF is the best decision you can make today. For instance, it uses a 2560bit SSL encryption to ensure that all the files uploaded by its digital users will be safe from viruses, malware, and hackers. You will not face any problem in terms of the security and safety of the information contained in the document. Aside from that, it does not require the installation of software and applications because it uses an impressive cloud system. Because of this, it will not eat up any of your device storage. It also allows the website to function on all kinds of devices, operating systems, and browsers, making it one of the most accessible tools today. Lastly, it can preserve the layout and format of the original document, so the resulting files will have exactly the same texts, images, fonts, charts, and tables as the original PDF. It will save you from facing issues with formatting and readability. 

In a Nutshell

With the amazing features of GogoPDF, you will never regret accessing it because it will make your life as a student or employee more bearable. It ensures that you will have a secure and easy way of extracting pages of a large document. To access more of its offered services, don’t hesitate to visit GogoPDF.com!

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