Dubai restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda lists top trends that will rule the hospitality sector

With the world witnessing some unforeseen crises in the recent past, the current time is turning out to be quite pivotal in how people and organizations respond to difficult situations. The recent events have turned around the global economy and transformed the way people work, communicate, shop, and eat. The hospitality sector has also undergone some pretty major changes in this while.

According to Dubai-based restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda, the restaurant businesses and food service industry at large have proved their resilience and adaptability. Even though the sector is faring below its usual revenues, Sanjeev Nanda believes that hospitality businesses will continue to witness growth with new technology-based trends gradually taking the centre stage.

So, which emerging trends hold the potential to shape the future of restaurant businesses? The Miss Tess owner lists his top picks:


Hyperlocal targeting

As online food ordering picks up pace in the UAE, more and more restaurants are making investments in hyperlocal targeting of customers per delivery radius. This aids the businesses in understanding the specific demands of the customers in each area. “The demographics of each area within a city are different, and hence each of these areas have different food needs. Addressing those unique preferences can help restaurants increase their revenues,” says Sanjeev Nanda.


Direct to Consumer channels

Establishing Direct to Consumer (D2C) channels can be highly fruitful for restaurant businesses. According to Miss Tess owner Sanjeev Nanda, the credit for the growth of this trend largely goes to the changing consumer behaviors and lucrative deals offered by several restaurants to their customers on orders from their owned platforms. “Websites, social media pages, and messaging platforms make great D2C platforms. You can customize the guest experience and open new revenue streams,” says Sanjeev Nanda.


Digital ordering

With contactless transactions becoming quite the norm in a post-pandemic world, enabling digital ordering for dine-in customers is a trend that is going to change how restaurants function. In the opinion of Miss Tess owner Sanjeev Nanda, roping in contactless dining tools such as QR codes, digital receipts, and touchless payment options can instil a sense of safety and security among the diners. “QR code-based menus are already gaining ground, and in no time, we will see other contactless dining options becoming mainstream as well. Innovations such as these are bound to change hospitality as we know it,” says Nanda.


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