Don’t believe these common vaping myths

It’s difficult trying to find easy-to-understand information about topics we want to know more about without coming across many untrue statements and information that is trying to pass itself off as fact. This is especially true about vaping. There are many websites and articles that claim they are writing the truth about vaping and its pros and cons of it, but many of them have very common misconceptions that people should know about. In this list, you’ll find a few of those myths, feel free to dive deeper to get more information until you’re confident with the answers you’re looking for.

  • Vaping vaporizes the vape liquid

This is not true, when people use e-cigarettes what happens is the device produces aerosol out of the vape liquid. The vaping liquid contains chemicals in order for it to have a specific flavor and smell. When this liquid is turned into an aerosol and inhaled, it can be harmful to the lungs.

  • It’s difficult to get reusable vape products

This myth is due to the accessibility of disposable vape products. The disposable vapes are available almost everywhere, at corner stores or even local grocery stores. This is not the same for reusable vape products, which are typical of better quality. Reusable vapes can be found in many physical stores that mostly specialize in smoking products, as well as sites online such as Mr Joy where many products such as the liquids and devices used for vaping are available. 

  • Vaping won’t get you addicted

This myth is mostly told among the youth. Vaping is very popular with teens and young adults because they believe the misconceptions about the safety of vaping compared to smoking. The safety of it in contrast to smoking is not completely true, burning tobacco comes with many more risks and toxins, however, this does not mean that vaping is harmless. Due to the nicotine in the vape juice, it is highly likely for people, especially those who were not previously smokers, to become addicted. The disposable vapes come with high doses of nicotine and there is not much that can be done about the amount of nicotine, unlike the reusable ones.

  • Vaping won’t lead to smoking

This myth is very unfortunate, especially because vaping is what smokers turn towards to quit. This is still true, though the people who were never traditional smokers, to begin with, and have started vaping are very likely to become addicted to the nicotine and eventually start using traditional cigarettes.

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