Digital Transformation and Strategy Getting Ahead in 2022

Are you using the rapid pace of technological change to grow your business? Before you answer, here’s a sneak peek into what your competitors are doing.

Over 400 CEOs around the globe, surveyed by Gartner, singled out digital transformation as central to their economic growth as businesses emerge from the pandemic. 

If the term is new, digital transformation simply refers to using advances in technology to push change and growth in your business. This guide will explore what digital transformation and strategy mean for your business.

The Key Benefits

What can digital transformation do for your business? Here are several of the most notable benefits.

Better Efficiency

Technology can drive massive improvements in business efficiency.

Take data integration, for example.

By using digital transformation efforts to streamline the data and systems in your organization, you reduce data duplication. You’ll also enhance information sharing across teams (and even extend this to customers and suppliers). 

Lower Operating Costs

When you want to cut operating expenses, look no further than digital transformation.

There are many ways to reduce costs, from moving data and software into the cloud to automating your workforce’s more manual and labor-intensive tasks.

Business Growth

Digital technology can help you design, manufacture, and launch new products faster than ever. Or maybe it will help you improve your customers’ experience through the buying journey. 

New technological solutions will help you stay one step ahead of your competition. They will help keep you on track for any ambitious growth targets you’ve set for your business for the coming years. 

Getting Started With Digital Transformation and Strategy

If digital transformation is an unfamiliar part of the business strategy for your business, where should you start? Here are your initial steps: 

Determine What You Have

Digital transformation doesn’t always mean throwing away what you already have. Do an audit of your existing technology, identify strengths and weaknesses, and look for gaps. 

Look at Your Processes

Working through your most critical end-to-end business processes will help you spot inefficiencies. You’ll also find areas where you have the chance to make considerable cost savings. 

Find Opportunities

Take a look at your industry, market, and competition for opportunities your business can exploit. 

Can you provide your customers with a more advanced online experience? Can you use technology to gather data intelligence on your target market to improve your marketing strategies? 

External consulting, such as that offered by, can help you find the most extensive opportunities available to you. 

Invest in New Technologies

Tap into technology trends to see what’s making waves in your industry. That regular effort will help you spot new ideas. And it will help you become an early adopter, jumping ahead of your competitors. 

Remember, technology is an investment. It will often save you more money than that investment costs, so increase your digital transformation budget if you want to grow. 

Get Clear on Your Digital Transformation

There are almost unlimited ways you can take advantage of technology and use it to grow your business. But that first starts by establishing what you need from digital transformation and strategy. 

Get more information on the latest technology trends by exploring our technology section now.  

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