Digital Identity Protection: Safeguard And Browse Securely Free of Hackers

Today everything is happening online from booking vacation trip flight tickets to ordering pizza. Since the corona has hit the world digitalization has taken more pace. Everyone and everything is online these days. We make online payments, we share our personal life online, and we make friends online without knowing how they look. We are all enjoying the gift of technology but there is one dark side of the internet and it is the internet hefts. There are many people with bad intentions out there who earn by fooling people. There are many cyber thefts reported but many go untouched. An average person is unable to talk against it, or might not be able to get back what is lost. However, there is one thing that you can do, and that uses Digital Identity Protection.

Here are some ways that will help you gain knowledge about identity theft and how to protect your identity online.

#1 Must to have security software

Security software is an investment towards your online security and if you have to pay for it, then go one pay for it. There are different plans available and people can choose them according to their budget. They also have different features by which you can make your security list shorter and save more. But it is important to have a security shield on your devices so that your data stays protected.

#2 Always has a strong password

Even your Facebook password must be of strong character because you share a lot of personal details there. There are emails, net banking, and internet services that people use where they drop their bank details, personal information, etc. Using a strong password will create a challenge for the hackers and they might drop the idea to loot you. Make sure that you have a strong password containing numbers, alphabets, and symbols to keep threats away.

#3 Safeguards your SSN

You might get surprised to know that there is a huge percentage of online threats associated with your social security number. Many lose their social security privacy because of poor security systems on their devices. Never share our social security number with anyone online you find suspicious. Double-check who and why they are asking for our social security. Do not save your social security number online like through social media apps and emails. If you do, you must have a powerful Digital Identity Protection online.

#4 Use an external drive for storing your data

For convenience, you might get tempted by the idea of saving your vital data online or on your device.  If you are running any small company or work from home where you need to save the private data of your clients, you must use an external drive. It is very easy to compromise digital data these days. Storing important data in external drives will give you peace of mind. The less you keep your data online the lesser the chances of getting it in the wrong hands. Drives can store a pretty good amount of data and they can also be easily transported or safeguarded in any private place.

#5 Avoids suspicious applications

There are billions of applications on the play store. For every interest, there is an app available. Many naïve people download suspicious apps and become victims of identity theft.  There are many apps available that are from hackers. If you download them on their device it will affect your phone with malware. This means now your emails, bank accounts, social security number, and your picture chats everything is exposed to the hacker. Be careful when you are downloading any apps from the app store.

#7 Uses only encrypted connections

There are online threats but there are many ways to deal with them and one way is to use an encrypted connection. If you have doubts that the website is not encrypted do not move further. The websites with a LOCK symbol are genuine and data can be exchanged. Make online payments with encrypted websites. Never share your data with unsecured networks. Also, avoid sharing information on public networks. By taking these few steps you will be able to safeguard your identity online.

#8 Be responsible while using social media

Social media is a place where you will find plenty of threats. Here you will also be going to encounter every type of threat. People can make you fool and take money from your account without even knowing you through social media sites. Make less visible information to people. Use security features of social media applications.

Using an avatar is another way of ensuring your privacy and online safety. You can control what people see about you when you interact with them on social media so you can avoid online harassment and threats. Create the most fantastic avatar for your social media profiles with the best avatar maker app. Besides securing your identity, avatar maker apps also help you bring out your fun and creative side.

Your data is very important and one wrong move can create a quos. So make sure that you take Digital Identity Protection seriously and take help from professionals like Acid Tech where you will get solutions to protect your identity in a solid manner.

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