Creative Ideas to Make Lampshades 

Here are some fun and unique ideas on how to make lampshades:

  1. Wahsi tape lampshade: Use washi tape to add patterns and designs to a plain lampshade. Simply stick the tape to the lampshade, layer it to create different patterns, and trim the edges for a finished look. 
  2. Paper mâché lampshade: Create a unique and textured lampshade using paper mâché. Start by blowing up a balloon to the desired size and shape. Then tear strips of newspaper and cover the balloon with a mixture of glue and water. Repeat this process several times until the desired thickness is achieved, then let it dry completely before removing the balloon and adding a Living lighting fixture. 
  3. Yarn wrapped lampshade: Wrap a lampshade with yarn for a cozy and warm look. Simply glue the end of a ball of yarn to the base of the lampshade. Then wrap it around, gluing as you go, until the entire shade is covered. 
  4. Fabric covered lampshade: Cover a lampshade with fabric to add colour and texture. Cut the fabric to size, then use a hot glue gun to attach it to the lampshade, wrapping and smoothing as you go. 
  5. Stencilled lampshade: Use stencils and paint to add designs to a lampshade. Choose a pattern and colour scheme, then use stencils and a foam roller to add the design to the lampshade. 
  6. Mosaic lampshade: Create a mosaic-style lampshade by attaching small pieces of glass, tile, or other materials to the surface of the shade. Use a strong adhesive, like epoxy, to secure the pieces in place. 
  7. Beaded lampshade: string beads or pearls onto a wire frame to create a beaded lampshade. Simply bend the wire into the shape of a lampshade and attach the beads, adding more wire as needed. 


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