Corporate Housing in Northampton: Where to Stay and How to Find It ?

For many companies, the right corporate housing is essential to their work. Some companies even require employees to live in certain areas, which can be an important part of your job search. If you’re looking for corporate housing in Northampton, here are some tips on where to stay and what to do! As a traveling professional, you might not know where to stay when going to a new city. Luckily, in this article, you can find out how locating a corporate apartment is an easy and cost effective solution to the accommodation problems!

What are the different types of corporate housing in Northampton?

There are many different types of corporate housing in Northampton. Some of the most common types include furnished apartments, high-rise apartments, and duplexes. Each type provides a different experience and its own set of amenities.

 One factor that you should take into account when deciding where to stay is how far you will be traveling to work each day. Corporate housing in Northampton can be broken into two categories: furnished or unfurnished. Filled apartments are less expensive than unfurnished ones, but they come with more restrictions, so they are best suited for people who want to have their own furniture.

What are the benefits of corporate housing?

Corporate housing in Northampton is great for business travelers who want to be close to the town that hosts their office, but find it hard to stay here. For instance, if you’re looking for a place to stay near the city center, you can find apartments for rent. If you’re looking for short-term housing near Northampton Airport, there are hotels nearby. 

Corporate housing in Northampton is not one size fits all. There are many different brands and types of corporate housing in the area, so before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to understand exactly what you’re getting into. If you’re traveling on business, then consider staying in a hotel with perks like free breakfast or fitness centers. When visiting relatives or friends, consider finding an apartment that offers more space than a hotel room would afford you.

How can you find corporate housing in Northampton?

You can use a number of resources on the internet to find a corporate apartment in Northampton. One way is to search online for places where you can find temporary residences for your business. You can also use a company directory, such as that from, to search companies that have dwellings that you could rent from. 

Finding corporate housing in Northampton is not easy. One option for finding housing is to contact a company that already has an established business here. For example, UNUM has offices all over the country and has many offices in central Massachusetts. The other option would be to look online for renting houses or apartments. There are only a few websites that will allow you to search for rentals, so you’ll need to contact people individually.

Tips for finding the best corporate housing in Northampton

Northampton is a diverse, cosmopolitan town that offers a wide variety of housing options for those who work here. With the increased popularity of living and working in Northampton, many people are looking for corporate housing. But where should they start? Some people might assume that finding corporate housing in Northampton is difficult, but it really isn’t. The only real negative about finding corporate housing is the time and effort that a company is going to need to develop a relationship with a local company or individual. Once you know where to go, negotiating with landlords becomes much easier and usually involves less hassle.


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