Complete Buyers guide before purchasing LED High bay Lights


High Bay LED Lights emit a strong, steady light that does not fade with time. They save 50 percent more energy than linear fluorescent high bays and 60percent more energy than metal halides. High bay LED lights direct light where it is needed, eliminating the need to purchase additional fixtures to complete the job. High bay led shop lights can be found in warehouses, garages, and retail stores, to mention a few.

How much led lighting will I require for my warehouse?

We get a lot of queries like this and are always delighted to assist. Some are considering light color and height, while others are considering fixture spacing. We are delighted to assist. We believed giving you an example would help you think about everything we do.

How much energy does a high bay light consume?

High bay lighting’s high energy consumption drives increased energy expenses, which is a major problem for many enterprises. Many of our energy audits include a look at the best alternatives for reducing the energy use of high bay lighting. A single high bay light may require 400W plus more than 50W for the ballast.

Importance of led high bay light

LED high bay lights, as its title indicates, are made specifically to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. The more room that needs to be lighted, the higher the ceiling, thus it’s critical that these fixtures have enough power and can illuminate huge spaces. LED high bays are typically used in commercial and industrial settings due to their placement. They are most frequently spotted within manufacturing and assembly companies, sizable recreational facilities, and storage warehouses. LED are a wise and cost-effective alternative to metal halide and fluorescent high bay lighting. These fixtures feature quick starts, high-quality light without glare, and minimal electricity use.

High bay light Types

Round LED High Bays, often known as UFO high bays, are the simplest to install of all high bays. They produce a circular light beam, usually 120 degrees in diameter, that offers sharp and equal lighting to anything beneath it. They are most typically found in factories, warehouses, grocery stores, and airport hangars, and they have a maintenance-free operating life of more than 60,000 hours.

High bay LED lights may be found in grocery stores, warehouses, and other places where there are a lot of shelves. These have a rectangular form with varying widths based on your application requirements. Mount them directly to the ceiling or suspend them from cables or chains. Many have a high CRI to make it easier to see.

Advantages of High Bay Lighting

They are less expensive than their traditional counterparts and can operate without maintenance for up to 60,000 hours. This implies that instead of pausing operations and repairing broken high bays in 24/7 operations such as warehouses, everything continues to flow smoothly, and work productivity is maintained.

High bay lights also provide clean and sharp illumination, bringing out the real colors of everything underneath them. This improves visibility for personnel as they move through hallways and aisles containing potentially dangerous objects. A high CRI ensures that the product will look its best in locations like supermarkets, prompting shoppers to buy it.

Where to buy led high bay light?

High bay LED shop lights easily outperform traditional shop lights, thanks to a reputation for excellence earned through years of innovation and superb design. High bay LED lights are developed particularly for higher ceilings, generally twenty to forty feet, and provide adequate light intensity to be diffused across wide areas or sharply focussed on essential points. With so many options available, deciding which lighting fixture would best illuminate your room may be difficult. Not to worry. High bay LED lighting purchasing guide will lead you through the process of selecting the best-LED light fixtures for your requirements View on Lepro.

Lepro led high bay light 150w

Superb Luminosity

The VCMAG LED high bay light 150watt can produce up to 21,000 lumens and can replace four 150W HID/HPS bulb fixtures. In this manner, you may save hundreds of dollars on electric charging over a year. Light delay of 5% and CRI of more than 80% provide more realistic colors for the objects.

Daylight Color Temperature of 5000K

Unlike other LED high bay lights, VCMAG High bay LED Shop Lights are created with tempered 5000K color, which is brighter and more white than 4000K and more eye pleasant than 6000K cool white. If you want 40fc illumination, the recommended hanging height is 13ft for a 100watt high bay light, 15ft for a 150watt high bay light, and 17ft for a 200watt high bay light. If you want 40fc illumination, the recommended hanging height is 13ft for a 100watt high bay light, 15ft for a 150watt high bay light, 17ft for a 200watt high bay light, and 20ft for a 240watt high bay light.

Reliability and Durability

This LED warehouse light’s hollow design heat sink die-casting aluminum housing and transparent cover provide effective heat dissipation and a super long lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

Installation is simple and quick.

Unlike competitors’ 40cm power cords, the VCMAG LED high bay light has a regular US socket with a 5FT super long power chord, which eliminates the need for wiring and the frustration of power cord length inadequacy.

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