Car Accident Document Checklist: What to Have When Meeting Your Lawyer

If you’ve been in a car accident, it can be tough to know what your next steps should be. Your chances of winning the case depend on whether or not you have enough data for your lawyer to build their argument and win.

To help make this process go smoothly, we put together a car accident document checklist that will help ensure you don’t forget anything when meeting with your lawyer after an auto collision. Keep reading to learn more!


When meeting your lawyer, you will not only need to bring the appropriate documents but also the important information about the accident. Here are some examples of the basic information your car accident lawyer will need to know for your case:

  1. Date and time of the car accident
  2. Name(s) of other driver involved in the car accident
  3. Names of all individuals involved in the accident
  4. The location where they were driving (e.g., crosswalk)
  5. Names and contact information of witnesses that saw or heard anything related to what happened leading up to and after the crash
  6. A list of the dates you were hospitalized and in the emergency room
  7. Name and address of where you were initially treated in the emergency department
  8. Name and address of ambulance service
  9. Names and contact information of all doctors who have examined you
  10. List of all the people you have talked to about the accident or your injuries (chiropractor, physical therapist, etc.)
  11. Injuries that caused you to miss work and absence dates
  12. Insurance adjustor you have talked to (name and telephone number)

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Prepare a folder or large envelope to hold all documents related to your injury and accident before you meet with your car accident lawyer. Here’s an injury checklist of documents you should take with you, if applicable to your car accident case.

Your Insurance Policy

Your attorney will need a copy of your automobile policy to determine what type of recovery you are likely to receive. The policy should have information about your deductible, as well. In addition to the original copy of your insurance card, you will need a copy of any declarations page (the first few pages) and proof that you are still insured.

If you do not have an owner’s or operator’s certificate, take copies of all receipts showing premium payments for at least a year before the accident date plus two years after it. Also, include a letter from your insurer indicating when coverage expires if necessary.

Information Provided by the Police at the Accident Scene/Police Reports

If you are in an accident caused by someone else, the police were likely called to investigate. A police officer is required to prepare an accident report in those situations, which often includes an illustration of where the different vehicles or pedestrians were when the accident occurred.

The report will also include an on-scene officer’s initial impressions of the accident’s cause, which is very helpful to your attorney as he or she builds a comprehensive picture of your case. Provide your attorney with a copy of the accident report or any other police document. Your attorney can also get a copy of the report on your behalf if you don’t have one.

Photos and Videos

Bringing photographs and videos of the accident scene is a good idea because it helps your attorney document any physical injuries you sustained. Take pictures with your phone before, during, and after the collision.

Include shots from different angles to cover all potential evidence that may be needed in court or for settlement negotiations. Be sure to also include photos showing where vehicles were positioned on the roadway, including skid marks; damage to cars/property.

If there are other drivers involved in the accident who have dash-cam footage, those videos will also help provide an accurate depiction of what happened at the time of the crash and can support claims about liability if necessary.

Medical Records

In a car crash, you might sustain car accident injuries that require medical care and attention. Show medical records so that your attorney can gain a sense of your diagnosis and the length of time it will take you to recover from your injuries.

If you do not have copies of your medical records, provide your car accident lawyer with any information about the doctors you have seen. With your written permission, your lawyer will be able to obtain your records.

Psychological Records

If your car accident was emotionally or mentally traumatic, you might need to seek psychological or psychiatric care. Provide your attorney with care or treatment records.


Ask for statements from any witnesses who saw the car accident. Your lawyer will want to know what they observed and how quickly it happened so that he or she can determine fault in the case. The statements should also include information about whether you were wearing your seat belt, if a child was involved, etc.

If there are no witnesses to speak with but you suspect someone else might have seen something, ask them for their contact details so your attorney may be able to interview them at some point.

If an eyewitness is reluctant to provide a statement or has left town without giving his contact info, consider hiring a private investigator and/or joining one of those online services where people share anonymous tips through email.

Pay Records

If you were injured in a car accident and have lost time from work, your car accident lawyer may be able to obtain compensation for your lost wages. To do so, your lawyer must calculate the amount of money you “lost” as a result. You can help your attorney with this calculation by providing proof of your earnings before and after the accident.

Winning Accident Cases: Car Accident Document Checklist

The chance of winning a car accident case is dependent on the evidence your lawyer has. It’s important for you to know what kind of data they need in order to build their case.

We hope you found this car accident document checklist helpful! If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out more from our blog.

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