Can You Get Addicted to Delta 8 THC?

If you’re looking for a potent cannabis strain, Delta 8 THC is what you need. This cannabis strain has an average THC content of over 15%. What does this mean? It means that it’s a perfect choice if you want to get high and feel great. But don’t think that because of its potency, Delta 8 is all about getting high. There are many other benefits to using this particular marijuana product: increased appetite, decreased anxiety levels, and chronic pain relief. So how do we know if we can become addicted to Delta 8? Let’s find out in our blog post.


The True Cause Of Addiction


Addiction is a complex health issue that can be attributed to several factors. But what is the root cause of addiction? Three main causes have been identified: physical, mental, and social.


Physical Addiction


The primary reason for developing an addiction has everything to do with your body chemistry. In other words, if you take delta 8 regularly, it’s going to affect how your brain functions because this compound acts on specific receptors in our brain cells called CB-one receptors (cannabinoid).


When you use cannabis products like Delta-THC, these cannabinoid receptor sites become activated by delta-tetrahydrocannabinol compounds found in marijuana plants such as Deltanabinol or THC. Once they are activated, the neurons in your brain release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy. This process can lead to addiction because Delta-THC works by binding itself with CB receptors throughout our body’s nervous system, affecting how we perceive pain, pleasure, and reward.


Mental Addiction


Addiction not only causes changes within our physical being, but it also impacts us mentally or psychologically. When someone becomes addicted to marijuana products such as Deltanabinol, they usually have trouble functioning normally without their cannabis fix, whether they’re using it socially or medicinally. In other words, when people get high from Delta THC, delta-tetrahydrocannabinol compounds cause neurological effects that interfere with cellular communication processes resulting in impaired coordination, distorted sensory perceptions, and impaired coordination.


Social Addiction


Delta-THC has an impact on our minds and has a negative effect on how we interact with other people in social settings. For example, someone addicted to Delta THC may start avoiding family or friends who don’t approve of their cannabis use. Suppose you’re using this product frequently (or any type of marijuana product). In that case, your relationships are likely to suffer because the substance abuse takes over your life so much that there’s no longer room for anything else. This can lead to isolation which makes matters even worse than before.


Is Delta 8 THC Addictive?


The good news is that Delta 8 THC and its effects on CB-one receptors in your brain aren’t addictive. In fact, the only way to truly become addicted to this cannabis product is if you use it too much or for an extended period of time, leading to other health issues like chronic pain syndrome. If you want a safe alternative medicine option (which doesn’t cause addiction), try CBD oil. It’s 100% natural and won’t make you feel high, but it still has great benefits.


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