Can I take acrylic humidors while traveling?

Acrylic humidors are cigar storing container that gives your cigars safe and fresh for a long time without daily checking. Acrylic humidors are not used in our community as it considered a new type. Only a few brands provide acrylic humidors. If you want to know about acrylic humidors, their qualities, and their features, then you are on the right path. In this article, we are going to solve all your queries. Just scroll down and find your answers.

What are acrylic humidors?

Acrylic is a transparent but heavy glass material that cannot break easily. Acrylic is a quality brand that does not compromise the material’s quality. It was mainly used to make airplanes windows, but now it is used to make humidors to store your cigars significantly.

Acrylic humidors are one of the best choices for you. If you think of purchasing a humidor to keep your cigars safe for a long time, then an acrylic humidor is best for you. Also, you don’t need to reopen it with its transparent material as you can inspect it quickly without touching your cigars. It’s a beneficial point for cigar lovers.

Benefits of acrylic humidor

All the humidors are available around us with multiple benefits, but acrylic humidors have some enhancing features, including;

  • Seal tightening 

Acrylic humidor provides you an excellent sealing and tightening because of its high-quality transparent glass material. It also has mechanical with tight rubber security that gives you a seal locking power to store your cigars fresh for a long time.

  • Quality 

The unbreakable acrylic transparent glass designs the acrylic humidors to store your cigars significantly. Acrylic is a bit thick than others, and there is no chance for scratches. Moreover, some plastics can get yellowish as time passes, but the acrylic humidor is a robust and complex bearing that will stay white for a long time. Its transparency also lets you optimize your cigars easily without opening them.

  • Appearance 

The acrylic humidors are made of transparent acrylic material so that anyone can look into them without opening them. Its white delicate glass design gathers people’s attention whenever they visit your home and give you the confidence to show off.

  • Easy to assemble

Acrylic humidors are easy to maintain as it has a manual system with high-quality components. If you keep it at once, then you can feel free for half a year as you don’t need to reassemble it again and again. Also, it has an injection molded surface, so there is no chance of leakage.

Can travelers use acrylic?

If you are a cigar lover and have to spend most of your time traveling, then an acrylic humidor LumBuy is good for you as it is available in a portable size with air-tight technology. So that you can carry it along with you anywhere you want. Also, its maintenance technology makes its interior temperature update without worrying about the outer environment.

The bottom line

That’s all about today’s article. I hope you enjoyed it and am happy to know about the acrylic humidor with its qualities. An acrylic humidor is an excellent choice for travelers because of its portable size and classic design, and you don’t need to worry about scratches, breaking, and maintenance. Especially when you are traveling with people and standing with the community or offering someone to take some from your cigar, I’ll increase the value of you and your cigars because of their fresh smell and taste. So, why are you standing here? Purchase your favorite acrylic cigar humidor and make your living easier.


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