Buying CBD Products for the First Time? Here are Ten Mistakes to Avoid!

With more and more people researching the health benefits of CBD and all industries hopping on the bandwagon, CBD has become a buzzword! No matter where you live in the U.S, you must have heard about CBD products (legal or not is a different CBD).

Listening to the miracle story of your best friend’s cousin finding a cure for anxiety in CBD, you have finally decided to give it a try. You go online, type buy CBD products online, and click buy now on the first product you see.

And that’s how you mess up your CBD experience!

As simple as it may sound, finding the right CBD product isn’t a matter of minutes. Albeit easily available (practically everywhere now) CBD purchases process requires due diligence and caution on your part.

This is because regardless of the numerous benefits of organic CBD gummies or pure CBD oil, there are people trying to scam others with fake products. So if you want to make sure that you’re buying the right CBD product and not wasting your dollars on a scam, read this blog carefully!

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying CBD Products

Tempted to buy CBD edibles, oils, and topical? Make sure to avoid these common mistakes people do!

Not Researching Enough

The abovementioned anecdote shows that research is often ignored when buying CBD products. However, research is the most important part of your CBD buying process if you don’t want to get ripped off, faulty products, or something with absolutely no CBD in it!

Not Checking the Source

You should always buy organic CBD products for legality and health purposes. In the U.S, CBD products only made from hemp flowers are legal to buy. The rest of the CBD products (unless claiming otherwise) contain high traces of THC and can make you high. If you don’t want to land in trouble (both legal and medical), don’t forget to check the source of your products!

Not Understanding Concentrations

A CBD-related misconception is that all CBD products are the same. The truth cannot be farther from that! Essentially, CBD products are all derived from the same cannabis plant; Sativa. However, when making a product, the concentration changes owing to the nature of the product. There are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolated CBD products available in the market.

Not Paying Attention to Potency

Like each CBD product’s concentration is different, so is the potency. Most people make the mistake of ignoring the potency label on the package and buying the first product they find. This has two drawbacks: you may buy a product that will cause you a high (because of the significant quantity of THC oil). Or you will have a product that’s not fit for your requirements.

Most first-timers are suggested to start with five milligrams or less when trying CBD products for the first time. However, there are five to ten milligrams of dosage on different CBD edibles.

Not Thinking of Activation Time

Activation time is the time it takes for the contents of CBD to kick in your bloodstream. Most people assume that since all CBD products are the same, the time for results to show will also be the same. However, when buying CBD products, be mindful of the different times different products take to enter your bloodstream.

If you’re looking for the fastest activation time, vaping works. If you are looking for a slower process, opt for CBD edibles, tinctures, and topical.

Not Vetting the Vendor

Buying CBD for the first time? Thinking of purchasing it online? You may think of not vetting the vendor, and that’s a mistake! Whether you’re buying CBD products the first time or for the umpteenth time, don’t buy from just any Tom Dick and Harry. Be thorough in your vetting process, look for testimonials, and carefully read the package.

Also, look out for signs that will tell you that a CBD manufacturer is one of the con artists trying to make a quick buck in this thriving industry.

Not Buying Organic CBD Products

If you want to enjoy and benefit from your CBD experience, buy organic products. Such products are made from premium hemp flowers grown in the U.S. and are developed according to the legal guidelines too. However, do check your state’s laws on CBD consumption, and don’t fall prey to people selling artificial CBD products.

Buying Cheap CBD Products

Preferring affordability over quality? That’s not a good call when it comes to buying CBD products! Premium quality CBD products are expensive because they are cultivated, manufactured, and packaged, keeping the industry guidelines in mind. If you’re getting cheap CBD oils and CBD topical, you may not be getting a CBD-infused product at all!

Hoping for Miracles

This is a big rookie mistake! Most first-time CBD buyers expect overnight miracles when trying CBD for the first time. They expect their CBD gummy to immediately reduce their anxiety or CBD oil to immediately alleviate pain. Both these expectations are unrealistic and wrong. It takes time for CBD products to start showing results, and you need to be patient.

You must consume CBD products for over a month before you will start seeing any significant results. However, you can ask the manufacturer about this aspect prior to purchasing a product.

Ignoring Reviews and Third-Party Tests

Your gut feeling is telling you this online site is shady, and the reviews are somewhat dubious too. You still ignore these two and overlook the absence of third-party tests. End result? You have a CBD product that’s disappointing, to say the least! Always look for customer reviews and ask for third-party tests.

Ready to Buy CBD Now?

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The author is a CBD fan, chef, and avid supporter of legalizing CBD in the States. The author loves to try out recipes containing CBD oil for her family and vouches for the numerous health benefits.

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