Best Salesforce training resources for 2022

Salesforce is an effective tool. However, the variety of features and frequent updates to aid your company can make it difficult or even frustrating for your team members to understand the platform. This is why comprehensive Salesforce training is essential. A study conducted by Whatfix revealed that 35 percent of sales reps believe they require more training to utilize their CRM platform (CRM) efficiently.

Over 150,00 businesses use Salesforce in more than 150,00 companies. Because Salesforce is so well-known, it has dozens, perhaps hundreds, of training tools, including courses, materials, and other training tools to pick from. It’s a bit of a struggle to determine what is the most effective for your staff.

To help you save your time (and frustration! ), We’ve compiled a list of the top Salesforce training resources and put them into categories like:

  • Instructional classes led by an instructor
  • Guided in-app training
  • Self-paced classes
  • Supplemental resources

If you’re trying to implement Salesforce to your first attempt or are looking for continuous Salesforce training, this list will help you choose the most effective training choice to train your team of sales.

They are led by an instructor, Salesforce training classes.

Instructor-led classes tend to be more expensive than non-structured or self-paced training as they require more planning and coordination by your team. However, they provide distinct advantages. Your team will learn from experts through instructor-led Salesforce training as well as be in a position to ask questions to make sure they understand each idea. The structured learning environment will likely encourage team members to study and to keep everyone on the same page.

  1. Salesforce Trailhead Academy

A few of the most effective Salesforce training tools are provided by Salesforce itself. Salesforce offers more than 50 in-person and virtual courses through its Trailhead Academy. Each covers a distinct element of the system. Some are targeted towards specific positions or tasks. Reporting strategies for business analysts, for instance, are specifically designed for sales and marketing managers as well as business analysts.

The time needed in order to finish each course is a range of one hour to several days.

  • Pricing The cost varies across different topics and locations, beginning at $300 and rising to $4,500 for each course.
  • The main benefit is: Since these classes are offered through Salesforce and/or one of their partners, Your team will learn directly from experts.
  1. Stony Point

Stony Point is a Salesforce training partner that provides both in-person and online training. One of the services that set Stony Point apart is its year-long training as a subscription service (TaaSS) pass. Through this training is available to you for any of the company’s instructor-led classes at a reduced cost.

Stony Point divides its courses into three classes based on the way you’ll use Salesforce:

  • Technical training
  • Salesforce end-user training
  • Sales training

The duration of a course ranges between four and 40 hours.

  • Pricing Courses begin at $400 and increase to $4,000, with an average of 100 dollars per training hour. TSS can cost anywhere from $900 to $4,500 per license for the year, depending on the number of licenses you buy.
  • The main benefit is: There are several ways to get a discount for Stony Point courses, including group discounts as well as the TaaSS program. In addition to the classes that are available off the shelf, you can collaborate in conjunction with Stony Point instructors to create an individual training program.
  1. Beth Saunders Associates

Beth Saunders Associates provide Salesforce training specifically for co-ops and nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits could have different requirements in CRM. They’re working with donors and are focusing on developing relationships and encouraging regular donations without traditional software to update or build to. The instructors of Beth Saunders Associates will work with you in the creation of an in-person training program or create an ongoing coaching program.

  • Pricing As they totally modify every training, it is necessary to reach out to team members from the Beth Saunders Associates team for pricing.
  • The main benefit of creating an individual Salesforce training program Your team will not waste time learning features that they don’t need to know about.

In-app training is available. 

The most effective training method is to practice learning. With Salesforce in-app assistance, the team can navigate through the different features available on the platform step-by-step. In this way, your team can learn and test their skills using Salesforce while at the same time.

  1. Salesforce’s app in-app

Salesforce introduced the inside-app guideline feature following the upgrade of their platform. Salesforce Lightning.

Through the help of this training, Salesforce prompts will appear to help the user navigate throughout the platform. Walkthroughs have a similar structure, but they guide the user through a sequence of steps, while prompts are one-time notifications. It is possible to create custom walkthroughs and walking tours or download an already built application through the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Pricing Basic in-app assistance is built into the platform. However, you must have a myTrailhead account to make complete walkthroughs. It is necessary to call Salesforce to inquire about pricing. However, they do provide a free 30-day trial.
  • Benefits The Salesforce In-app assistance is integrated and proven to work on the Salesforce platform. Because prompts are built-in functionality, you don’t require programming skills to set them up.
  1. Whatfix

The Whatfix DAP aids in adopting Salesforce, offering walkthroughs, alerts, and self-help resources to help team members navigate and assist them in understanding the various features. Furthermore, Whatfix offers user analytics as well as the ability to gather feedback on the app, which allows you to monitor your team’s progress and provide specific support if you find that they are struggling.

Whatfix has been installed on Salesforce

  • Pricing Whatfix provides a variety of packages depending on your company’s requirements. Contact the company for details on pricing.
  • The main benefit is that the platform provides users self-help options that show team members articles, walkthroughs as well as other documents that relate to their job and the place they are currently on the platform. Similar to Salesforce, Whatfix offers no-code content creation.

Learn at your own pace Salesforce training courses

Asynchronous, self-paced Asynchronous training is an ideal option in large-scale, dispersed, or rapidly expanding and active teams. Because they don’t need instructors, these kinds of courses tend to be less expensive and versatile than the alternative training alternatives. Members of the team can stop and begin when they need to and plan their training according to their own schedules.

  1. Salesforce Trailhead

In addition to the formal courses in Salesforce’s Trailhead Academy, Salesforce offers more than 800 individual training modules. These short courses provide information on the various options and features of Salesforce.

If you’re looking to know more about a subject at an extensive depth, the website has over 200 Trails that are lesson plans consisting of a series of modules. To take tests and keep monitoring the progress you make, you have to sign in using the account you have with Salesforce, Google, LinkedIn, or your email account.

  • Pricing: Trailhead is free.
  • Benefits: For more in-depth or well-organized Salesforce training, Trailhead has carefully curated Trail Mixes which group Trails into broad subjects like “Lead the Sales Team from anywhere.”
  1. Udemy

If you’re searching for videos-based Salesforce training or self-paced, structured courses that offer the certificate of completion, you should consider Udemy. Udemy’s online academy offers over 70 Salesforce-related courses.

Udemy’s classes cover various areas and levels of knowledge. You can begin your Salesforce training starting by learning Salesforce 101 or diving deeper into particulars such as Salesforce Reports. The beginner courses on Udemy are well-rated. Salesforce 101 is rated 4.4 stars and has more than 3,200 reviews.

  • Pricing The prices for the courses vary from free to $100. But, Udemy frequently runs flash sales, which means you can spend as little to $13 per lesson worth $95.
  • Benefits: The courses differ in length. It is possible to find “bite-size” courses that are less than an hour. However, there are also lessons with multiple parts which last for longer than 28 hours. You can pick the best time frame for your group as well as the most relevant subjects for the level of their expertise.
  1. Edureka

If you’re looking for Salesforce certification training, check out Edureka. Edureka offers four comprehensive classes that cover the details of various Salesforce certifications, such as one designed for developers and another designed for administrators.

The courses offered by Edureka are more lengthy and more complete than Udemy. They offer case studies, projects, and quizzes, along with more traditional online learning content.

  • Prices: Edureka is somewhat more expensive than other online learning programs that are self-paced. The course begins with RS:17,995.
  • Benefits your team will receive thorough training to assist them in obtaining their Salesforce certification and also test-taking exercises. Edureka also provides a wide variety of articles free to use to help you with your Salesforce training.

Supplemental Salesforce training resources

In addition to providing extensive, formal training and training, team members should be provided with additional Salesforce training material. Through these resources, team members will be able to learn more about complex or difficult functions without having to take the entire course and can bookmark the articles or documents to refer to them quickly.

  1. Tips and user guides that can be downloaded and downloaded for download.

Salesforce provides tips sheets as well as comprehensive guides that your staff can download, allowing employees to continue their Salesforce training whenever and wherever. Information sheets are accessible for a variety of topics and usage cases, from Salesforce basic information to more details on the specific features available.

Think about assigning or recommending certain tips or guides to members of the team according to the sections of Salesforce that they have the most difficulty with.

  • Pricing These resources are totally free.
  • The main benefit: As the tips sheets and guides are available for download, your staff can have them in their possession to refer to them quickly and have them accessible even without internet access.
  1. Salesforce YouTube

The YouTube channel of Salesforce is a great resource to find out about the latest features and products or watch pertinent webinars and interviews. The company frequently posts news on new features as well as video tutorials on how to use and access these features. The vast selection of videos in short form means that your team will be able to quickly locate guides on the feature they’re currently using.

  • Pricing These resources are totally free.
  • Benefits A few employees may consider the video format to be more beneficial than written documents. YouTube is perfect for learning through visuals because employees can view the work being done via the platform rather than simply studying about it.
  1. Discussion Forums

Due to the broad use of Salesforce, chances are when you have problems; somebody else experienced the same issue. Through the Salesforce discussions forums, you can learn how other users have solved issues through the platform. You can also ask the community for solutions if nobody has asked the same question in the past.

Although a lot of threads on the forums are focused on developers, you can filter by topic to search for general questions related to sales or concerns about the platform.

  • Pricing The forum is completely free; however, you must log in using an account on Salesforce ID to post or answer questions.
  • The main benefit The team is able to receive specific, immediate solutions to their questions instead of having to search through self-help guides or product manuals.

You might consider offering your team a variety of kinds of Salesforce training which include video organized courses, structured ones, and texts-based reading supplementary reading. So, you’ll be able to draw different types of learners, and everyone can determine which method is best for their needs.

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