Best Place to Camp on Buffalo River

   The Buffalo River is known as Arkansas’ hidden gem, loved and famous among locals but mostly secret outside of The Natural State. Unfortunately, the river is a national wealth. It was the first authorized National River in the US and is one of the few rivers in the United States that has not been dammed. At one hundred and fifty-three miles long, there are several places to camp along the riverbank. Some of the campgrounds are:

  • Rush Campground
  • Tyler Bend Campground
  • South Maumee Campground
  • Buffalo Point Campground
  • Carver Campground
  • Ozark Campground
  • Steel Creek Campground

New travellers to the USA

The ESTA travel authorization is an electronic system that allows you to obtain, within a maximum of 72 hours, the agreement of the US immigration authorities for a trip of fewer than 90 days. The ESTA application must be made online by filling out a simple questionnaire. Warning! When completing the questionnaire, your passport number will be requested. It is therefore good to have it with you so as not to waste time. Once the ESTA form has been validated and the administrative costs paid, all that remains is to wait a few hours to receive the response, positive or negative, from the US authorities by e-mail.

If you spend more than 90 days on the journey, you should apply for a visa at our embassy.

As we have seen above, if you make an ESTA application to travel to the United States, you must necessarily own a valid passport, and the validity must cover the entire stay. Still, not all types of passports are accepted to carry out this practice.

In fact, only passports that can be read electronically by a car can be used to travel to the USA with the ESTA. Passports issued after 26 October 2006 are adapted to this type of reading.

However, even if your passport was issued before this date, it may be accepted if renewed or extended after this date. It has a digital photo printed on the data page and an electronic chip that allows it to be read digitally. Don’t forget to check status of esta application procedure before.

If your passport does not allow digital reading and you still want to use the ESTA device to prepare for your trip, we recommend that you contact the competent authorities to request a new passport. This way, you will obtain an electronic or biometric document that allows you to benefit from the visa waiver. This practice will obviously be paid for, and therefore you will have to bring the proof of payment and the required stamps. You will have to fulfil all the necessary formalities, also providing all the required supporting documents such as a valid identification document, two identical and recent passport photos, and the old passport.

Buffalo River Access Points

   There are more than twenty access points along the Buffalo River. A wide range of places to board and get off the water implies that you can plan a multi-day adventure or a short two-hour float. The take-outs and putting are where you gain access to the Buffalo River. The word ‘Reach’ is used to explain a part of the river between access points. The reach you pick will be decided based on your take-out and put-in locations. Every reach has its challenges and benefits.

Buffalo River Outdoor Center

Buffalo River Outdoor Centers, located in the centre of Arkansas’ finest trail and river scenery, has a long-standing prestige for providing quality log cabin rentals in the unique Buffalo Rivet country. It is the leading outfitter for float trips on the Buffalo National River. Also, they provide Arkansas’ only wilderness zip line adventure. They have cabins at different prices, starting from romantic cabins for couples to family cabins. Many of their cabins are equipped with outdoor hot tubs with a thirty-mile sweeping view of Ozark Mountain Country. And, though they are in the middle of nowhere, many of their cabins provide free Wi-Fi for tourists who wants to get in touch with their relatives or friends.

Hotels Near Buffalo River, Arkansas

  • Hotel Seville
  • Quality Inn Harrison
  • Hampton Inn Harrison
  • Super 8 Hotel Harrison
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Harrison

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