Best Exercise Methods for Your Dog

Dogs are a lot like people; some enjoy different levels of exercise and fun that would be difficult for others to take on.  Because of that, it’s a good idea to get to know how your dog likes to exercise and what you can do to keep them healthy!


 These are the best exercise methods for dogs and how to keep them spry and fit! 


Why Exercise is Important for Dogs


Exercise is vital to all dogs, regardless of breed: so it’s important to give your dog the things it needs to live a healthier lifestyle.  Neglecting to exercise your dog, or keeping them stagnant, can be bad for the heart and joint health, can leave them bored and destructive, and can be bad for their mental health as well.




Exercise is also an important part of how these animals identify with and build communities with their owners and other dogs, so it’s vital that it’s taken as seriously as possible.


How Large Is Your Dog?


Is your dog an extra-large Irish wolfhound?  A tiny chihuahua?  Something in between?  Size can tell you a lot about what’s best for your dog and what exercises are possible.  Although there are exceptions, like mini-greyhounds having to run to have fun or large bullmastiffs that enjoy a sedentary lifestyle, generally, you need more space to exercise depending on how large your dog is.


What Was Your Dog Bred For?


What’s the main goal of your dog’s breed?  Although you may not look at your poodle and think ‘hunting dog,’ it’s a good idea to know that these dogs were made for hunting and traveling long distances on their legs.




Look into the history of your dog’s breed and what they were originally made for.  This will tell you a lot about what kind of exercise they’ll like best, and if they’d prefer to be on a dog harness walking through the park, or swimming in a giant lake!


How to Find the Best Fit


There are outliers, even among the same breed!  Because of this, take the time to look between different exercises and try them out with your dog!  You may be surprised by what your dog enjoys, from finding out your chihuahua loves swimming with floaties to figuring out your cattle dog likes running on a treadmill.  If your dog seems to hate any specific exercise: try to avoid that one so you can find something they enjoy.


What to Avoid When Exercising Your Dog


When exercising your dog, it’s vital that you make sure it’s fun and rewarding for them and that you avoid making mistakes like overworking them or leaving them exhausted and hurt.  Although it’s vital that your dog works out and stays in healthy shape, you don’t need to make them miserable to do this.


Every Dog Deserves a Healthy Lifestyle


Whether you go for a run every week or you like to take things easy at home, your dog can’t always have the same lifestyle and keep healthy!  Consider some of these tips when choosing the best exercise habits for your pup!


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