Benefits of setting up a business in Cyprus

There are several advantages that a Cyprus registered company enjoys. The benefits are endless, from getting several double taxation treaties to low tax rates and easy reach to European countries.

Check out some of them:

  • Low corporate taxes

A corporate tax rate of 12.5% is the lowest in Europe. Include complete tax exemptions on dividends, along with capital gains and profits from securities disposal.

Cyprus offers a regional tax system, meaning the taxes are charged on the locally sourced earnings and a sturdy dual tax treaty network of over 60 nations. These advantages make Cyprus an ideal country to register your company.

  • Several investment opportunities

Cyprus offers several unique investment prospects. It has a developing real estate sector, and the financial business in the country has great scope of growth. There are also openings in the gas, fishing and agricultural sector.

  • Entrance to Europe

Cyprus is a renowned business destination for companies who want to set up their base in Europe. While working in Europe has a lot of monetary and bureaucratic pressure, Cyprus offers a lot of relief.

It is simple to start and run a business in Cyprus. For those who want to begin a financial business, a financial license gives you good peace of mind along with passport rights.

So, you can easily pick Cyprus as your headquarters and operate without any new licensing needs for other European nations.

  • Cyprus offers business-friendly situations

The government here offers several business initiatives. It provided several tax incentives and several other opportunities to investors. It also offered an appealing non-dom status to foreign investors.

The nation also offers citizenship and residency through investment opportunities and new bank laws to secure loans.

  • Bilingual workforce

Over 70% of the Cyprus population speaks fluent English, with a well-settled ex-pat network. Over half of the Cyprus population enjoys tertiary qualification, making them suitable to work in the public sector and firms of all kinds.

  • Low cost of living

In comparison to the services offered by the nation, the cost of living in Cyprus is the lowest compared to the nations of the European Union.

Cyprus has a contemporary structure with good telecommunication. According to Knight Frank’s report, it was marked as the 5th best place to relocate.

This is why it has the second-highest foreigner population in Europe, around 20%.

  • Cyprus Corporate Structure

Commencing a business here is one of the most amazing and well-planned ways to start a venture in the EU. Cyprus is your best bet if you need compliance with EU and global standards, efficient tax planning, and tax luxuries.

It offers several prospects to optimize your taxes. It is one destination for companies searching for ways to streamline their taxes. The fact that foreign and local investors’ laws are the same makes it more favorable.

So, with these favorable situations, it is highly recommended to start your business here without a second thought. However, you should consult professionals for business setup before setting up your business. Contact us to get business consulting for any business you want, and we will help you with the complete procedure.


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