Are Sheds Good for Storage? Find Out Here

Every homeowner’s dream is to have a well-organized and clean home. And with the large number of items that each person has accumulated throughout his or her lifetime, it can be quite challenging to fit everything in one home without having cluttering up the overall interior design. That’s why you must have an effective storage solution that will help you organize all of your belongings without having to worry about the space they will occupy.

One of the most popular storage solutions that people utilize is having a shed for storing items such as lawn equipment, tools, and other miscellaneous items. There are several advantages to using sheds for storage purposes instead of garage or attic spaces. But is it a viable solution? Let’s answer that question by discussing the pros and cons of using a shed for storage.

Pro: Sheds Are Very Easy to Access

One of the biggest benefits of using storage sheds is that they are incredibly convenient. When you place items into a shed, you will be able to easily get them anytime that you need them. If you have a home workshop where equipment gets stored daily, you should be able to access these machines easily when you need them for work purposes. Whether you’re planning on doing some gardening or simply need your lawnmower for an upcoming weekend barbeque, it’s nice knowing that these important tools will always be within arms’ reach and not buried away in a dark corner of your garage or attic. Storage sheds typically have a 2-3′ wide door opening,  which makes getting large tools, machinery, and other cumbersome items inside a walk in the park.

Pro: Sheds Are Very Affordable to Build and Maintain

Although most homeowners love the idea of having a shed in their backyard, they also want to make sure that it will be worth its weight in gold when it comes time for them to utilize this space. To start, storage sheds are incredibly affordable compared to the major home renovation project. Modern storage sheds, of which you can find more if you follow this link, are assembled using affordable material that will not break the bank when it’s time to purchase and construct your shed. Another important consideration is maintenance costs. Owning a shed will require you to perform routine upkeep just like any other home. However, there are fewer responsibilities such as mowing the lawn and landscaping that you will be responsible for if you own a simple storage shed. Therefore, you can expect your maintenance costs to be significantly less than maintaining the exterior of a home.

Pro: Sheds Protect Stored Items From the Elements

If you live in a region where the weather is known for being extreme, having a storage shed can be beneficial because it will protect your belongings from exposure to harsh weather conditions that might cause damage. For homeowners who experience long periods of high humidity, mildew and mold can start to grow on wooden equipment if they are not stored properly. Utilizing a storage shed will give you peace of mind knowing that all your equipment will be safe from exposure to moisture without having to invest in expensive climate control systems. An easy way to add value when selling your home is by making sure that the exterior area is free of clutter and debris with an incoming storm approaching.

Con: Sheds Will Not Increase Your Property’s Overall Value

The one main drawback to using storage sheds is that they will not contribute positively towards increasing your overall property value. For most people, this isn’t a big deal because the intended use of the shed is simply for storing equipment, tools, or other miscellaneous items. However, if you are planning on putting your home up for sale shortly and you are interested in maximizing its resale value, it may be better off to invest your money into an additional project instead of having simple storage shed built onto the exterior area of your home.

Con: Sheds Do Not Have the Same Level of Security as a Traditional Garage

Another important point to consider is that storage sheds do not provide the same level of security and protection as garages. If you plan on storing expensive equipment or tools inside your shed, you must get a high-security lock installed for both the door opening and any windows that are present in the shed. Most storage sheds will come equipped with standard wooden doors that can easily be broken into by intruders if they have access to the appropriate tools such as crowbars and power drills. If your items need significant protection from theft, your best bet would be to use a traditional garage instead so you can keep them locked up tight behind solid steel doors at all times.

Pro: Sheds Are Versatile and Can Be Customized

If you are considering using your shed for storage purposes only, there are numerous options available to suit all of your needs. If you want protection from inclement weather conditions, many manufacturers offer vinyl or steel sheds that provide the same level of durability as a metal garage but will come with significantly fewer maintenance costs due to their low-maintenance material construction. Some homeowners may prefer an alternative look by selecting cedar wood construction for their storage sheds instead. No matter what type of shed you choose or how much money you are looking to spend, there is an option available to match your unique preferences and requirements.

Con: Sheds Do Not Have Insulation Like a Traditional Garage

One of the main drawbacks to using garden sheds instead of garages is the lack of insulation that they will provide for your stored items. Garages can easily be insulated with blown-in kits that are relatively inexpensive and simple to install during construction. However, if you have an existing shed or are planning on purchasing one at a later date, it may be difficult or expensive to retrofit insulation into the structure after the fact. The amount of insulation required will depend on where you live and what type of items you plan on storing in your outdoor shed. If you plan on using it as a workshop area instead, then minimal insulation might not present much of an issue because heat loss won’t be much cause for concern due to its location.

In conclusion, using storage sheds instead of garages is the best option if you want to invest in an outdoor structure that will provide additional space for storing your equipment and tools at a low cost. Even though some drawbacks need to be considered before making a final purchase, they will typically all come down to personal preference and how much protection from theft or inclement weather conditions you require.

As long as you take the time to compare various brands and styles of sheds, make sure their dimensions fit within your building area, and get an appropriate lock installed on both doors and any windows, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll run into any issues while using them for storage purposes at all.

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