Are online whiteboards recommended for collaboration?

So you head toward a team meeting with erasers, sticky notes, and markers to share your big idea. Every team member takes a set in the room, and you need to resolve an agenda. So, what’s a better way to develop solutions other than executing a collaborative brainstorming meeting?

Team members take turns running to the whiteboard, sharing their ideas, and presenting the to-do list. The whiteboard is filled with sticky notes and markers, and at the end of the meeting, you are excited about what will come.

Sound’s fun, right! But, the best thing is that you can acquire similar or even better results using an online whiteboard session, and every team member doesn’t have to be in the same room.

Today when everyone’s responsibility is distributed, online whiteboard sessions are impactful and fun. Here is an insight into what an online whiteboard is:

An online whiteboard is a shared digital workspace that allows real-time collaboration. Irrespective of where coworkers are sited or what their time zone is, it can make people share and participate in a competition at one place.

They also help in brainstorming. Several online whiteboards offer similar functions to the physical one, such as sticky notes, drawing, commenting, and more. Online whiteboards also allow the addition of standard videos and audios to meetings offering higher collaboration opportunities.

Are online whiteboards feasible for collaboration?

As per Gartner, 80% of the workforce used some collaboration tool in the past year. With hybrid work models, cloud-based work environments, and teams spread in different corners of the world, the usage of collaboration tools is not surprising. An online whiteboard is one of the most advanced and effective tools that aid efficient collaboration.

Online whiteboards enhance collaboration for several reasons. Here are some major benefits of using it:

  • It offers a chance for interactive engagement and learning: Interacting and collaborating with your team may appear impossible, but it is not! Online whiteboards work as an interactive learning and engagement platform that allows attendees to engage with everyone online in real-time. It helps you say bye to distracting virtual meetings and motivates engagement and participation through the whiteboard.
  • Setup is convenient, affordable, and quick: While an in-person whiteboard session is valuable, they need preparation and planning. You need to have the office supplies and a proper setup in the conference room. But, with an online whiteboard, there is no need to go for such preparations. These sessions are quick, less expensive, and convenient.
  • Use visuals to share your message: Visual learners enjoy graphics, images, and maps, which makes online whiteboard collaboration sessions more important. Also, these sessions help to break complex ideas and conversations into simpler terms using visuals.
  • It makes brainstorming sessions rewarding: The online whiteboard is all about mixed opinions, which makes brainstorming more effective. You can take brainstorming to another level by including visuals and interactive elements in the meeting.

Online whiteboards are an amazing collaboration tool for virtual meetings and distant teams. So make sure you make the most out of it to get the best results.

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