Everyone at some point has asked whether online casinos cheat their players. The answer, according to our expert Eliasz Nowak, is a mixed bag. He believes: “Będziesz musiał nauczyć się odsiewać oszustów, aby grać w najlepsze kasyno online.” More so in Poland, where there are no homegrown online casinos. 

Although online sports betting is legal in Poland, players must rely on casinos that accept Polish players for their daily dose of gambling. Let’s look at how you can look out for signs of cheating while online gaming and learn gambling safety. 

The House Edge

Due to the inherent rigor of online casino games, cheating or manipulation is unnecessary. The term “house advantage” is well-known to gamblers and non-gamblers alike. Thus, casinos don’t have to cheat to make money. There is a house advantage in every casino game, from blackjack to slot machines, implying that the casino will always come out on top. Because of the inherent laws of table games like blackjack and roulette, casinos have a substantial long-term advantage when players engage in such activities. 

Rigged RNG Software

The software that generates random results for every spin, deal, or ball pulled is a Random Number Generator (RNG). The online casino manages this software, and there is a very real chance that the software will be rigged in their favor. These are the handful of bad apples who destroy it for the rest of us, forcing us to do our homework to ensure that where and what we’re playing has been evaluated and is fair.

Every spin, deal, and ball that these rogue operators pull results in a loss, so they may take your money and keep it without ever exposing that they’re rogue operators. Online casinos are only as trustworthy as their Random Number Generators (RNGs). 

Winnings Don’t Show

When it comes to handing out wins, fraudulent internet casinos are weeded out from the genuine ones. To continue operating and defrauding other players, some online casinos will not go out of business totally and leave with your money. Instead, they will provide a specific reason why they cannot pay out your winnings. eWorld Casino and America’s Online Casino, for example, have been accused by players in casino forums of refusing to pay players in the past because they could not pay players from Denmark, according to reports posted online. 

Make certain you receive your winnings. To prevent these issues from happening, you must play at an online casino that has been certified by eCOGRA. What makes eCOGRA different from other third-party auditors? As an extra function, eCOGRA acts as a mediator between players and online operators in the event of a disagreement. You will be helped if eCOGRA steps in, examines all the information, and reaches a conclusion. 

Poor Customer Service

Customer service is essential to a reputable online casino, even if it doesn’t appear to be a big concern. A lackluster support system might substantially harm the quality of your gaming experience. 

Whether it’s a concern about a game or a technical issue, you need immediate assistance from a customer representative so that you don’t have to wait days or weeks after you’ve stopped playing to obtain a response. 

Missing Encryption

The most obvious sign that you’re dealing with a dodgy online casino is this. Unless you see a little padlock in the URL toolbar of your browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, when you enter an online casino, your money or personal information is at risk. 

When you see this padlock, you can rest assured that your personal and financial information is protected by the most advanced digital encryption technology available. If you don’t have it, anyone can get their hands on the connection via which you submit your sensitive information and steal both your personal and financial information. 

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Promotional Ruses

Some players ignore the casino bonus terms and restrictions; and some online casinos don’t provide any. A rogue casino may advertise a 300% bonus on a $100 deposit to get you to play. In the end, you lose out on the money and end up depositing elsewhere. 

You may choose one casino over another because it provides a greater bonus, only to be unable to collect it due to a condition the casino did not disclose. Because you’ve already made a deposit, you’re more vulnerable to the casino’s other untoward activities. 

Always read the terms and conditions of any promotions or incentives before taking advantage of them, including at our recommended web casinos. In the lack of any, the casino is a sham. 


Fair online firms are known for their professionalism. As long as the players have a chance to win, they’re still making money. Understanding rogue casinos’ red flags will help us avoid being conned. 

When looking for a reputable and trustworthy online casino to play casino games, you should look for ones that employ third-party testing agencies and gaming authorities that are well-respected. Identifying the red flags above, you can quickly double-check before depositing. Gamble Wisely!