Are Drugs Affecting Your Mental Health: Five Signs They Are

Drug usage is common across the country, whether it be an experiment here and there or being a fully fledged addict. Of course, one can also lead to the other quite quickly.

Across the UK in recent times, there has been a huge growth in the likes of cocaine usage and opioid abuse, leading many to seek out drug addiction treatment and many more into a spiral of both mental and physical illness that is difficult to get out from. 

The private alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres ultimately have the answer, and a sign you may well need it is if drugs are beginning to have an impact on your mental health. But what are the signs?

A change in your typical moods

Drugs alter your brain’s chemistry in many different ways and as a result your behaviour will change. It’s one of the earliest notable signs that drugs may be having too much of a say on your life and you could be fighting addiction.

Those suffering from drug addiction will endure higher levels of anxiety, depression and irritability due to the chemical imbalances in the brain, which will also lead to them fluctuating regularly and severely. 

Your memory will struggle and confusion will reign

What’s more, those imbalances can also affect your cognitive functioning. This can affect things like decision making, and often lead to extreme problems in your working and private life. The result of drug taking often leads to things such as infidelity and in return see relationships break down. That can be completely life altering and cause a real spiral out of control.

Alongside this, memory can be impaired, which can result in not completing certain tasks or chores, while levels of concentration will also reduce as well as heightened confusion, none of which are particularly pleasant experiences and signify you should probably get help.

It gets worse at night

For anyone that does suffer with anxiety, they know only too well that it deepens the moment your head hits the pillow. Many drug addicts suffer from the likes of insomnia which can make life incredibly unbearable. 

When you do get to sleep, nightmares can be vivid and that disruption within the sleep cycle will leave you exhausted and feeling mightily low. 

You may not realise that recreational drug use can have such an impact on mental health.It may be that you are using it in the first place to try to relax or escape from certain problems, but the truth is they can cause severe harm that will only get worse without getting clean and the help that you need.

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