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Alice Campello Biography

Alice Campello is a super famous Italian model and fashion designer and is now a businesswoman. She owns a skincare brand named MASQMAI, which is also available on Sephora and hence, it does show that it is a high-end skincare brand. Alice, who was born on 5 March 1995, hails from Mestre, Italy. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. She represents Italian ethnicity and follows the Christian religion. Alice Campello’s husband is Alvaro Morata, who is a well-known Spanish football player.

Her main focus is to make her family life better and at the same time work hard to promote her products and her job as a model. Hence, it has become a part of her life and at the same time, she does have the responsibility of four children named Leonardo Morata, Edoardo Morata Campello, Alessandro Morata, and Bella Morata Campello. Hence, it does allow Campello to give time to family and work on her journey as a professional, whereas Morata does help with the investment he has.

Despite doing that bit, many people still do know her as the better half of Spanish football player Alvaro Morata. This does give an introduction to a personality named Alice.

Alice Campello Facts And Wiki

  • Campello’s hobbies are dancing, traveling, swimming, and shopping.
  • Pink, red, and white colors do associate with Alice, whose beloved holiday destination is the Maldives. Alice is a Hollywood lover.
  • Hence, her passion for watching movies is at a different level.
  • She mostly likes the work of actors Chris Hemsworth and Johnny Depp. Tatto-making does also captivate Alice very much.
  • She is a football fan but does support the club where her husband does play.
  • Campello is a mother of four children – three boys; Leonardo Morata, Alessandro Morata, and Edoardo Morata Campello – and one girl; Bella Morata Campello, who is the youngest of four children.
  • Campello does own two companies. The first one is the fashion brand named ĀKALA STUDIO and the second one is the skincare and makeup brand MASQMAI
  • She is a fan of the white aesthetic, one can see it at her home also.
  • Campello does like to travel a lot and in the summer, one can see the family being on holiday when the football season is off in Europe (June and July).
  • She does like to watch Hollywood movies and series but is at home on OTT now.
  • Campello is one of the most famous WAGs around the world.


Alice Campello Physical Stats 

Model Alice Campello stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Her body weight mostly remains at the mark of 56 kg mostly. The combination of dark brown eyes and blonde hair provides Alice with much-needed captivation. Alice’s body measurements are 30-24-33 inches or 78-61-86 cm. Their shoe size of Alice is 6 (US), their dress size is 4, and their breast size is 32B. Being a model, she does take care of her skin.

Hence, she has come up with a high brand that helps people to take care of their skincare, and in general people’s reviews do look good. Alice does yoga and go the gym and it is a part of the family as being a footballer, her husband Morata does the work at the gym. She has done cosmetic surgeries on the face, which is a norm for celebrities nowadays as it does make them happy and feel more beautiful.

Alice Campello’s Early Life

Alice Campello 

Alice Campello was born and brought up in Mestre, Italy, by Andrea and Maria. She spent her childhood with her brother named Alessandro Campello. She has named one of her sons to honor her brother. International School of Venice provided Alice with the platform to earn basic studies. She was born and raised in Mestre, Italy. While growing up for Alice it was all about living a great life in the future and trying to be super rich like she looked to be like a high-end family. Other than that, she used to spend time with her family. Going to the party with her father was the thing she used to love the most. Alice used to spend hours watching cartoon shows. At that time, she was fluent in Italian, unlike now, where she can speak English and Spanish also.

She did not see academics as a way for her to become something right from the very beginning. And the move did work well for her in the future.

Alice Campello Professional Career 

Alice Campello started her professional journey modeling for some local fashion brands in Italy. However, the evolution of Instagram helped Alice to make her name around the world. Associating with a famous football player also did help Alice to become a name in the market. Now she has more than sufficient projects to shine and present her class at the highest level. Alice Campello always wanted to become a model. Indeed, the impact of social media has helped Alice to make her name popular not just in Italy, but across the globe.

she is now an entrepreneur too with a skincare brand named “MASQMAI By Alice Campello”. Being a famous WAG, she has promoted this brand very well and the product is received very well in the European market. It is a bootstrap startup as Morata has done all the funding for this. She is also the owner of AKALA STUDIO, which is a fashion brand. One can see even Morata doing modeling for the brand. It does sell clothes for kids, men, and women. Both of the brands ship worldwide. As AKALA STUDIO has over 82k followers on Instagram it does tell the brand has been received very well by the public. Despite being very famous, she gives her time to the kids very well, making herself a perfect manager.

Alice Campello

Alice Campello Education

Alice Campello did go to the University of Milan and did Marketing in 2016. She has got all her education from Italy only. At her school, she did learn how to speak English. She can now speak fluent English, Italian, and Spanish languages. At school, she did like to study at a decent level but her love did not take that next level.

“My goal was always to become the model. Hence, I did push for this reason only right from the very beginning and my parents were okay with it, so this did give me the fortune of doing good things,” she said.

Campello’s study has worked very well as she has made a great in the fashion and skincare industry. As much so, even her husband is happy with the return they are getting from both of the startups they have started with the help of self-funding. It does show how well the basic education has worked for her.

Alice Campello’s Boyfriend, Marriage

Alvaro Morata met Alice Campello for the first time in 2015. It took them just one year to get engaged. On 10 December 2016, Alice and Alvaro announced their engagement. A year later, the couple married in Venice on 17 June 2017. Alvaro was her boyfriend before they did get married. Hence, she does not have a boyfriend now as she is married to a star football player, and seems happy with her.

However, he did have three boyfriends before Morata came into her life. They do look like one of the happiest football couples now. It does talk a lot about Alvaro Morata and the impact he has done on the life of Alice as many of her friends told us that she does look complete in life.

“I do feel special to see Alvaro is my husband. He is just every girl would love to have – handsome and responsive,” she said.

Alice Campello’s Husband

Alvaro Morata is a super famous Spanish footballer who plays as a striker. He made his Spain debut in 2014. Coming from Real Madrid’s youth structure, Morata has played for some top football clubs such as Los Blancos, Juventus, Chelsea, and Atletico Madrid. For betting lovers, Morata is a dream player to invest in. Alvaro Morata’s career is all about playing for three clubs mostly Real Madrid, Juventus, and Atlético Madrid. He did play for Chelsea from 2017 to 2020, but the move did not work very well for the Spanish striker as he is not at all consistent.

He might score two goals in one game and maybe three in the next – but then for the next 10 games, there would be just two goals or nothing. This is what makes him inconsistent. However, he is a striker that can score goals. Hence, he does stay at top clubs and has won everything one can win at the European club level. The problem in his career has been inconsistency. Otherwise, his finishing is good. And many fans do feel that he does not have a hunger to score more goals like other strikers in football have had. This is why he does not become a consistent starter for a club for more than one season mostly.

Alice Campello

Alice Campello’s Children

Alice and Alvaro are blessed to have four children named Leonardo Morata, Edoardo Morata Campello, Alessandro Morata, and Bella Morata Campello. The family moves and changes its location as per the demands of Morata’s job as a football player Morata is the kind of player that teams sign and sell as he is very inconsistent at the club level.  But mostly he keeps on going from Spain to Italy. Alessandro Morata and Leonardo Morata were born in 2018, Edoardo Morata Campello came to the world in 2020 and Bella Morata Campello is the youngest as she was born in 2023. Bella is the only girl out of four siblings.

It is now a family of six members who do have a stable present and future as Morata is a top football player and does earn good sums.

“We both love our children. They do make us feel special in many cases,” she said.


Alice Campello On Social media 

Alice Campello has more than 3.3 million followers on Instagram. Her impact on other social media networks is also huge. Alice does love to share her family life and personal work with her lovely followers. She does like to promote her fashion brand and skincare brand on Instagram and other social media platforms. But she mostly likes to post pictures with her kids and husband on Instagram. She loves high-end fashion brands’ bags and does carry them. She does like to show different sides of her on social media. It does also make one understand her love for football. Other than Instagram, the only social media platform she does use is WhatsApp but that is not available for the public to see.

“Social media is a cool place on Instagram. It does make me promote the world and this is the best part I do love about it. Also, I can create some great memories,” she said.


Alice Campello Morata Net Worth 

As of 2023, Alice Campello Morata has a net worth of USD 6.7 million. Most of her money comes from the investment she and her husband have made. Now even their skincare and fashion brands of her are working very well. As these are self-funded start-ups, it is making her earn good sums. And the same time, her husband keeps on earning well year after year being a good world-level football player. Alvaro Morata holds a net worth of USD $60.79 million and it keeps on growing as Morata does earn good sums at the football clubs he has played for.

Campello uses the money they do charity too. At the time of COVID, they did help many families in Spain. It does show the other side of the Morata family and how well they do use the wealth. She does also love to live a luxurious life.





Q How old is Alice Campello?


As of 2023, Alice Campello is 28 years old. She was born on 5 March 1995 in Mestre, Italy.


Q Where is Alice Campello from?


Alice Campello hails from Mestre, Italy. Mestre is a comune (municipality) of Venice, which is a famous Italian city.


Q What nationality is Alice Campello?


Alice Campello is an Italian nationalist but she married Alvaro Morata of Spain, she does have a part legal right to call herself a Spanish citizen too.


Q What ethnicity is Alice Campello?


Alice Campello is born in Mestre, Italy, and does have white ethnicity.


Q What does Alice Campello do for a living?


Alice Campello is a model, the wife of a rich footballer Alvaro Morata and a businesswoman. She is the owner of a skincare/makeup brand named MASQMAI and a fashion brand named ĀKALA STUDIO.



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