Advice on How You Can Connect With Your Remote Team

Remote work has changed the landscape of modern businesses. Companies that have embraced virtual work options get the benefit of employees who enjoy flexibility, as well as the potential for lower overhead costs in the form of reduced office space expenses.

However, there are concerns about maintaining bonds between workers and the company. With people scattered, it takes more effort to make everyone feel enveloped in the company culture. Here are ways you can connect with your remote team.

Build Individual Relationships

Connections are built on relationships, so evaluate the relationships you have with different team members. How well do you know their strengths, weaknesses and goals? You want to be able to offer them the support they need for their situation, as well as growth opportunities. Hold regular individual meetings, and use a zoom office background with logo to set the tone.

Don’t forget to connect on a slightly personal level as well. While you want to keep all interactions professional, it’s good to know about someone’s priorities. Understanding that someone is a parent or a caregiver for a loved one will make you more compassionate towards their situation and they will appreciate that.

Make Communication Easy

Evaluate how your remote staff communicates, both with each other and with management. Many remote setups rely on email and supplement with messaging programs. Talk to your workers and see which methods work better for them.

Look into programs that offer multiple communication methods. For instance, Microsoft Teams lets you post to channels, message individuals and video call in one app. And once you explore how to use virtual background in teams, you can create the perfect workplace platform for your group.

Be Open and Transparent

This is especially important if you have a hybrid team with some people working remotely and some people in the office. Make sure all team members know what’s going on with big projects. You want to be sure no one feels left out because they can’t be in the office.

Give quality feedback to your remote colleagues. This makes them feel connected to you and the work they’re doing. They know you’re invested in their success and can feel confident about their place in the team.

Bring Everyone Together

Find moments when people can be together. This could mean holding a workshop at the office once a quarter, having after-work social events or planning a company retreat. While many workers enjoy the remote lifestyle, the occasional group interaction with coworkers can be a nice change of pace.

Create Fun Moments

Even when most of your interactions are virtual, there is still space for fun with your team. Maybe each meeting starts with a song picked by a different person. Or create an end-of-the-week party with zoom immersive view backgrounds that let you set the scene. Just because you’re apart doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time together.

While virtual work has changed the way managers and teams interact, it doesn’t have to become a world of lifeless screens. Go the extra mile to make everyone feel seen and ensure they’ll be enthusiastic about the work your team is doing.

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