A Quick Guide to Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are a beautiful centerpiece for any room of your home. Unfortunately, rugs in high-traffic areas also tend to attract a lot of dirt and grime.

Over time, this can even impact the fibers of your rug, causing them to wear and tear. Keeping your oriental rug clean means that it will stay vibrant for years to come. 

If you’re looking for tips on oriental rug cleaning, we’ve got you covered. We’ve written a quick and informative guide on oriental rug care that will help keep your rugs in top shape. Read on to learn more!

How Is Your Rug Dyed?

The first thing you need to consider when beginning oriental rug cleaning is to find out how your rug is dyed.

Natural and hand-dyed rugs generally do not have colorfast dyes. This means that they are susceptible to harsh cleaning products or processes and might lose their colors. 

Rugs also made out of delicate materials such as silk will require more specialized care, as well. Consider hiring a professional cleaner such as cleanvillecarpetcare.com.

Vacuum Your Rug

The first step in cleaning your rug is to vacuum it well. This will remove a good amount of dirt, pet hair, and other particles. 

If your vacuum has a carpet setting, be sure to keep it on high. You don’t want the beater to damage your rug. If your rug is especially delicate, consider using a broom instead. 

Do several passes with the vacuum to make sure that you’ve gotten as much as you possibly can.

Beat The Rug

Next, you should take the rug outdoors and beat it. This will further remove some of the settled-in dust and debris.

If your rug is more delicate, consider shaking it out instead. You can also do another pass with a vacuum to pick up dirt that came to the surface of the rug.

Clean The Rug

There are a few ways that you can clean your rug. Mild detergents such as those used for carpets are effective on color-fast rugs.

Vinegar and water is also a tried-and-true solution for rug cleaning. Vinegar is especially effective for musty rugs and stains. Just make sure to dilute it with water before using it.

Baking soda is another effective cleaning solution, especially for rugs with smelly stains. Mix it with water and let it soak into the fibers.

If your rug has fringe, treating it with vinegar and water will do the trick to remove grime.

If your rug doesn’t have any funky smells or stains, just rinsing with water from a gentle outdoor hose can also work wonders.

Make sure to air dry your rug thoroughly before bringing it back inside. 

Oriental Rug Cleaning Like A Pro

You should aim to deep-clean your oriental rug at least once a year if it’s in a high-traffic area. Make sure not to vacuum it too often as this can compact the fibers and wear them out faster. 

If you have a hand-woven or delicate rug, using a professional oriental rug cleaning service is probably your best bet. Given proper care and maintenance, your oriental rug will last for generations. 

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