A Powerful Hose With Half the Fuss? How to Get One Today

By: Jesse C

Pocket Hose® Silver Bullet™ is an expandable garden hose from BulbHead. It’s a powerful hose that helps you clean your driveway, house, car, boat, or RV, but it has gentle enough settings to water your garden and drink from as well.   

A Powerful Hose With Half the Fuss?

  • The Pocket Hose® Silver Bullet™ is powerful enough that you don’t need an additional attachment for washing your car or house. 
  • The ultra-lightweight hose design lets you carry it anywhere. 
  • It is small enough to store anywhere – on a shelf, in a junk drawer, in your camper or RV, or on your boat. As an added benefit, you don’t need to worry about having to store it in a hose caddy. 
  • The Pocket Hose® Silver Bullet’s™ anti-snag and anti-kink design allows it to go around trees, between bushes, over rocks, and around corners of the house or sheds without worrying that it’ll get tangled up. It’s also sturdy enough that you don’t have to worry about if a car drives over it.    
  • You don’t need to worry about drinking from the Pocket Hose’s nozzle; it’s made of machined-aluminum pieces – NO lead EVER!
  • Think of the size that you need and get one larger – you’ll always be finding more uses for it 
    • Washing the car, particularly the wheel rims
    • Spraying the dirt from the second story of your house
    • Cleaning the RV
    • Having a water fight
    • Cooling off during a hot summer day
    • Watering your garden or lawn
    • Getting the winter’s buildup from your wood porch or brick patio
  • 5-Year limited warranty*

How to Get One Today

If you’re interested in getting a Pocket Hose® Silver Bullet™

  1. Choose the size. They come in:
    1. 25-foot lengths for $19.99** 
    2. 50-feet lengths for $29.99 
    3. 75-feet lengths for $39.99 
    4. 100-foot lengths for $49.99
  2. Determine if there are any other products from BulbHead you wish to purchase
  3. Order online here: Pocket Hose® Silver Bullet™ | BulbHead, click “Add to Cart,” and fill out your credit card information. Check for online promotions from Honey, CapitalOne Shopping, Karma, etc. to see what online discounts, if any, are available.    
  4. If you’d rather speak to someone, feel free to call 1-800-731-9386 and a friendly customer service representative will help you out. 
  5. Pay using any of the following choices: Visa, Master card Amex, Discover, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Shop Pay, Klarna, Zip, Split-It, or Affirm

* processing fee required

 $5.99 for 25-foot hose

$6.99 for 50-foot hose

$7.99 for 75-foot hose

$8.99 for 100-foot hose 

** depending on your total order size, you may be charged shipping and handling costs.

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