A home warranty can be one of the best investments you make in your entire life. Think about this. Say you were spending a day outdoors doing some yard work. You decided you wanted to cool off. You enter your house only to find that it’s hotter inside than it is outdoors. Now, you’ve got a big problem on your hands. After all, fixing cooling issues can get expensive. But, you remember that you did your due diligence on your home warranty plan and identified one that will cover it. That feeling of stress and anxiety completely washes away all because you have a home warranty plan that you can fall back on. 

Here are some of the top tips that you can use to prepare for the unexpected and to get the most out of your building warranty policy. 

  1. Buying Perk

It is very common to have a home seller add a home warranty policy to the mix to increase the marketability of their homes. This is negotiated as part of the sale of the home. This can be fantastic news for the buyer because it gives them peace of mind knowing they are covered if something breaks or goes wrong. 

  1. What’s Covered?

A home warranty plan is usually a 1-year service agreement. It’s an agreement that covers repairs and replacements of different appliances in the home and other things that could result in large expenses.

  1. What’s Not Covered?

Your home warranty plan will not cover any damage that results from a natural disaster. You will typically have a home insurance policy that’s meant to help with these situations. 

  1. It Will Differ Based On the Location

The plan you have is going to differ based on where you live. The location you are in is going to dictate what kind of plan you have available. The overall size of the home and its respective age will also change these things.

  1. Premium versus Basic

You won’t find that every home warranty plan is equal. Different plans will cover different things. A basic plan is usually something that will cover all major appliances and the HVAC system. A premium plan is likely to be needed if you want to cover things like a pool, an alarm system, and other less common things in a home. 

  1. Customer Service

You are always going to want to ensure that the policy provider offers 24/7 hours. You want them to have exceptional customer service. After all, if you start to have HVAC or even plumbing issues at night, you’re going to want to ensure that you can get immediate help.

  1. Deductibles

Whenever you are dealing with warranty or insurance coverage, you will have to think about deductibles. You want to look to see what kind of deductible is required for each service. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from £100 or the cost of the replacement depending on which one is less.

  1. How Much?

Specific variables will impact the total price of the plan. These variables include the amount of coverage you are requesting, the budget you have available, and where your home is located. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from £250 to £600.

  1. Peace Of Mind

The sad truth is, appliances and systems will break down. These things will happen. A home warranty plan can give you the peace of mind you need to know that you will be covered when these things happen. You will have something backing you up to help deal with the sudden and unforeseen expenses that come with being a homeowner.