A complete step by step guide about Swissquote and its features

Swissquote is an established broker since Swissquote is headquartered in Hong Kong, They’re typically well-suited for Swissquote to offer their Forex/CFD trading solutions to their global customers.

Account Information

In addition to the forex demo account, this broker also offers Standard, Premium, and Prime. For a successful experience through your account for trading, you have to think about the leverage factor and the minimum deposits as discussed in Swissquote review. When it comes to leverage generally the maximum leverage allowed from Swissquote is 1:100.

  • Pros
  • Swissquote is regulated and publicly traded in four jurisdictions of tier-1 which makes it a secure broker (low-risk) to trade CFDs and forex.
  • As a broker for forex that also runs two banks, Swissquote takes our top award for the best banking services.
  • Swissquote provides an option to purchase the MetaTrader software suite as well as other add-ons, such as MetaTrader Master Edition.
  • Swissquote provides high-quality research, which includes videos of market analysis every day and articles written on their Newsroom section.
  • Cons
  • Swissquote’s share trading business is separate from its Forex and CFD account offerings.
  • Trading in cryptocurrencies is available only in the eTrading accounts of Swissquote.
  • Swissquote does not publish its forex spreads average, or its spreads that are minimum can be expensive across all types of accounts as compared to the other brokers in its industry.
  • The Swissquote desktop version of its Advanced Trader platform could use an overhaul of its design.

Instruments Traded

In addition to a variety of currency pairs, Swissquote also provides a variety of instruments that you could trade, including Forex, Gold & silver, CFD, Options and Cryptocurrencies, which are the most suitable choice. Be aware that every instrument comes with different conditions for trading. In this situation it is important to ensure that your strategy is suitable for the instrument you select.

Payment Methods

Wire Transfer: Wire Transfer is the most popular payment method. Most brokers around the world offer this option through their services. The reason for this is because wire transfer is a standard transfer between banks. Therefore, this method is guaranteed to be secure. This is a huge benefit for those who don’t want to use third-party payment or do not have credit cards. Swissquote also offers payment via credit and debit cards.

Trading Platforms

Trading platform is a platform that lets you buy the instrument or exchange it using just a few clicks from your device whenever and wherever you’d like. Price chart is often accompanied with a few analytical tools to assist you in analyzing the price’s movements, which means you can boost your profits through properly planned trades. This is why Swissquote gives you MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 5, and Advanced Trader.

Best Forex Trading Strategy For Beginners

The intraday trade and the strategy for trading positions appear to be the preferred choice among professionals and novices. The swing trading strategy is another option however, it is not without risk.

Although forex trading can be not without risk, it can be an excellent chance to earn additional money. With the right approach for the best forex trading platform for beginners , you minimize the risk and increase your chances of earning. For those who are just beginning it is crucial to start by opening the demo account. After your first deposit be sure to restrict the amount you deposit in your bank account. Follow the steps we have provided in this article to help you begin with trading forex. We also gave you a few of the most rated brokers that are suitable for you to use if you’re a novice to the field.


Is Swissquote a reliable broker?

A reputable broker is a great service for traders on the basis of a variety of criteria, including deposits, trading instruments, withdrawals, in addition to customer service. What is beneficial to one particular trader may not mean the exact things to you. Therefore, the phrase “an excellent broker” may mean different things to different people. You can determine on your own whether Swissquote is a reliable broker for you by examining the requirements.

How much is the minimal amount of deposit for Swissquote?

The initial capitalization in Swissquote is $1000.

Is Swissquote being regulated?

Yes, Swissquote is controlled in accordance with DFSA. A licensed broker means an environment that is more secure for trading. Also, you can expect a higher level of security for your money since some of the regulatory frameworks within the financial sector have a compensation plan in the event of a catastrophic incident which results in customers’ financial loss.

Is Swissquote legit?

Swissquote is a brokerage firm providing trading services to its clients since 1996. The company has branches situated in Hong Kong, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.

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