9 Surprising Facts About 3D Printing

Did you know that more than 1.42 million 3D printers were sold and shipped around the world in 2018? 3D printing technology is changing the world as we know it and allowing for the rapid manufacturing of new goods and products. Many people wonder what is 3D printing and how does 3D printing work.

3D printing uses computer programs to make a digital design come to life in three dimensions. There are many incredible facts about 3D printing and the benefits of 3D printing that you need to know since it is starting to change the way that goods are made.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn about nine facts about 3D printing that will make your head spin. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

  1. 3D Printing Is Old

Many people don’t realize how long 3D printing technology has been around. 3D printing first was invented in the 1980s by a guy named Chuck Hull. Believe it or not, 3D printing technology was invented before the internet was a thing.

Nintendo hadn’t invented and sold the first iteration of the GameBoy yet when 3D printing started.

  1. It Does More Than Prototype

There is a common misconception surrounding 3D printing that it is only meant for creating prototypes of goods or tools. It is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating prototypes in short periods of time, but 3D printing technology is capable of much more.

3D printing is working its way towards becoming a viable option for mass producing different products that consumers use on a daily basis. It is much more affordable than other manufacturing options that are in use across the United States and the rest of the world.

3D printers are capable of making everything from insoles for shoes to metal car parts for the automotive industry. The best part is that private citizens can get their hands on a 3D printer and make whatever they need from their home or their workshop. Check out High-Volume Production using 3D Printing to learn more.

  1. 3D Printing Is in the Fashion Industry

Not many people would associate 3D printing with the fashion industry, but it has a growing use when it comes to making unique and beautiful garments. A 3D printer will make anything from your favorite athleisure clothing and streetwear to formal clothing for black-tie affairs.

There are also designers that use 3D printers to make fashion accessories such as handbags and eyewear. Dresses are also becoming more of a mainstay when it comes to 3D printing in the fashion industry.

  1. You Can Print Anything

If you need a new replacement car part for your daily driver then you can make one using a 3D printer. All you’ll need is the necessary materials and the proper design for the replacement part.

Perhaps you’re a big chess aficionado. If you want to create a custom chessboard with custom chess pieces then all you’ll need to do is design them and print them with your 3D printer.

It is wrong to think that 3D printers are only capable of printing things that are made from plastic. 3D printers will create objects that are made from metal and other materials like polymers. They can also print food, as crazy as that might sound.

  1. You Can Print Large Items

Your 3D printer is capable of astounding things. Most people think that 3D printers can only create small items but that is far from the case. People have discovered how to print things like an entire mountain bike frame.

3D printing technology is reaching a point where there aren’t many limitations when it comes to the size of the items that you print. This is huge for the manufacturing industry and the construction industry. It allows for quick manufacturing of parts for jets, cars, and buildings.

  1. 3D Printing Is in the Film Industry

Did you know that 3D printing is a huge part of Hollywood and the film industry as a whole? The movie industry has used 3D printing to create everything from props for scenes to entire costumes. The props can get created quicker and easier than ever before thanks to the benefits of 3D printing.

The best part is that these movie props are made on-site and from scratch. Whatever the crew and producer needs in order to film a scene they can create thanks to the 3D printer. It is even expanding into use for character outfits and costumes, and the possibilities are limitless.

  1. 3D Printers Print in Layers

If you’ve never seen a 3D printer work then it is easy to think that they create 3D objects like a soft-serve ice cream machine. In fact, 3D printers print in layers to create the objects that you want or need. 3D printers work with the same method that an inkjet printer uses for printing documents.

  1. 3D Printing Saves Lives

3D printing technology has evolved to the point that it is starting to save human lives. Surgeons are starting to use 3D diagrams to print replacement organs and body parts for their patients in order to improve their lives. It is making personalized healthcare a reality rather than a dream.

  1. 3D Printing Creates Robots

If you have a 3D printer at home then you have everything that you’ll need in order to create a “soft” robot. 3D printing has been used to create a robot that will shake the hands of people and even respond to the firmness of their grip during the handshake process.

There are no limits to 3D printing technology when it comes to changing the quality of life for humans.

Indulge in These Facts About 3D Printing

There are tons of eye-opening facts about 3D printing that you need to learn about, as 3D printing is changing the way that we live our lives. 3D printing technology is allowing people to print replacement body parts for medical patients and create robots that can shake the hands of humans. It is also viable for creating replacement car parts and other tools.

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