9 Bike Accessories On A Budget

With cycling becoming a preferred method to travel, more and more people like me are getting involved and want to ditch their four wheels for two. Not only does it save me a fortune in gas money, but I am getting a lot fitter and doing my bit to save the planet.

But how do you get started without spending a fortune on the latest and greatest gear?

I’m going to show you 9 bike accessories on a budget that will enhance your experience and motivate you to keep it up.

Bluetooth Bike Lock

If you haven’t got your bike secured, it’s a lot more likely to be stolen when parked up. After all, it’s not difficult for someone to just sit and ride off with it and just claim it’s theirs to anyone that’s around. However, with this Bluetooth bike lock, I can keep my bike safe from any potential theft. The lock syncs up to an app so whenever I get close to my bike, the lock unlocks. If a stanger tries to mess with the lock, I get an alarm notifying me of the potential theft. For only 35 bucks, it’s an absolute steal.

Water Resistant Saddle Bag

When you go riding, you don’t always want a rucksack to carry around all your gear. This is where a saddle bag comes in handy. They are the perfect bike accessory on a budget as they fit just underneath your saddle and can keep all your essentials safe and secure. This saddle bag can be picked up for less than 15 bucks and comes with a taillight hanger, keeping me safe on the roads at night. Plus, you can personalize your own bag with a range of different colors.

BudgetTail Light

The items so on this list have been centered around safety and this accessory is no different. While you’re cycling on the road, it’s so important that people can see you and so getting a bright tail light can make you and drivers feel safer. Therefore, this tail light from Blitzu Cyborg lets everyone know where you are at all times. It uses extra bright LED technology to keep you visible even during the brightest days. It’s water-resistant, can be charged by USB at home and for less than $20, it’s certainly in the budget category.

Reusable Water Bottle

When you go cycling, you are going to get thirsty, especially if you plan on traveling long distances. It is a great way to stay active, even if it’s just to commute to work every day instead of taking the car or train. Either way, a reusable water bottle like this Kool8 bike water bottle will maintain your fluid levels. I have found that it iis highly durable too so in the unfortunate event that it falls off my bike while I’m riding, it will not get damaged. For around $25, it is incredible value for money and will last a lifetime.

Bike Cup Holder

If you’re taking a water bottle, it makes sense to have somewhere you can store it safely. This is where a bike cup holder comes in handy. Get a sip of your drink easily by mounting your drink directly on your handlebar. It sits really well and if you’re anything like me and that plan on taking a cup of coffee on your way to work, you can keep it in there too without fear of spillage. For around $15, it is certainly money well spent – it has certainly saved me from buying a replacement drink after spilling the first all over the myself and the road!

Bike Phone Mount

Anyone like to listen to music while working out? Do you ever expect making phone or receiving phone calls while you’re biking? If so, this bike phone mount accessory is ideal for your cycling needs. It adapts to all phone models, allowing you to access any app you may require, such as searing for the latest workout music or maps to prevent you getting lost on your adventure. I bought this model in particular for less than $15 because it was well received by previous buyers in the past. After using it myself, I make it a great candidate for your must-have bike accessories on a budget list.

Petsfit Dog Basket

I don’t have one mysel but this is an bike accessory that any dog lover needs. Take your best friend with you on your adventure with this dog basket. It’s ideally designed for pups under 10 lbs but we won’t tell anyone if you want to put them in if they’re slightly bigger. The pad is extremely soft so they will have a pleasant ride along and comes with a strap to carry it around when you stop riding. It’s one of the more expensive items on this list at $60 but from I’ve seen, considering the price of some other pet cycling accessories, it’s certainly worth adding into this list of budget items.

Handlebar Mittens

Many people like to put the bike away in the autumn and winter months because it get a bit cold. However, with these handlebar mittens, you can keep your hands toasty and have you riding all year long. The pair we have included here are made from waterproof, thermal material and are easy to slip into with its velcro application. Whether it’s a mountain or a road bike, I can can them to any handlebar. At around $20, my hands are so grateful for the extra warmth.

Tire Pump

The final item on this list of bike accessories on a budget is a tire pump. Whenever you set out on your bike, it’s always recommended that you take a tire pump with you; you never know if your tires will deflate. As the saying goes, it’s always to better to be overprepared than underprepared. This Vibrelli tire pump comes with a gauge and puncture kit included so there’s no need to worry about being stranded on the side of the road. You can pick up this great budget bike accessory for $20.

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