8 Degrees That Will Benefit Any Construction Worker

Almost anyone can work at a construction site with a high school diploma and a relevant license and start earning a living. Despite that, they’ll still need to earn a professional degree to upgrade their career in the construction industry. So if you are planning to enhance your career, you have plenty of options to choose from. To make your decision simpler, we’ve listed a few options below.

A bachelor’s degree in construction

Bachelor’s degree provides knowledge and skills to students to advance their careers in the construction business. You can qualify for a management position or opt for engineering-related roles with an undergrad under your belt. Or, if you have a knack for creativity, you can also specialize in building design. So if you want to opt for less labor-intensive work, getting formal education may come in handy.

Safety management

Completing your master’s degree will help increase your job description and salary. You can also opt for a teaching position if you want to shift from being a construction worker. Most senior management positions in construction companies are also often gated behind postgraduate education requirements. One of the best options is to get a degree of masters in safety management since there is growing awareness around employee safety and keeping worksites hazard-free. People with this degree are often entrusted with quality control and risk, managing projects, and contract management. Expect to earn anywhere between $129,000 and $140,000.

Crane operation certification

Construction work requires different types of cranes for lifting and moving purposes. To operate those cranes, the operator must have an official certificate. Only certified personnel can operate construction cranes to reduce the risk of accidents on the worksite. Given the increase in high-rise construction, it is an in-demand skill and can net you an hourly wage of 29.10 dollars. This certification will provide you with proper training for operating many types of cranes used in construction work.

Green business

Global warming waste management and energy conservation are hot topics now, even in the construction industry. Not only do investors want functional design, but they also want buildings that preserve the environment. So you can upskill by acquiring a degree in green business. This qualification focuses on environmental sustainability. By acquiring this education, construction employees can increase their pay and position. This degree provides professionals with sound knowledge of the green construction concept. You can plan a modern green building design that focuses on energy consumption and carbon footprint for investors.

Aerial lift certification

During construction, aerial lifts facilitate the workers by giving access to hard-to-reach places. It lifts people, tools, or light objects and moves them efficiently. The aerial lifters need an operator to operate this. Only a person who is qualified to operate can do the job. You can get the training and certificate for aerial lift operators from different places. It can be a good idea if you do not have a good educational background. It is an in-demand job, and having this skill will help you get a job on a construction site.

ACI certification

American Concrete Institute (ACI) offers a certification program for gaining proper knowledge of concrete. With the increase in demand for ACI certification, the institute now offers almost 30 certification programs to choose from. So you can choose the program that is most relevant to your job. ACI certification is acknowledged worldwide, making it a one-time certificate. Anyone who works with concrete should get this certification.

Construction management

This program covers every aspect of managing a construction site. A professional construction manager has several tasks under their job description, including construction planning, project management, designing, and safety. A bachelor’s degree with some years of experience in construction work will help you land a good job as a manager. You can net a median saary of $97,160. This education path and job is ideal for you if you’re not up for too much labor work.

OSHA training

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides training classes to construction workers. It is not a degree or certification program, but certifies a trained person as authorized safety personnel. These short training courses last about 10-40 hours and equip workers with basic health and safety information for a construction site. Every person working at the construction site should receive this training. It gives knowledge about every potential danger and proper handling of the tools.


Functional and aesthetically appealing buildings are an integral component of urbanization. And construction workers play a crucial role in bringing projects to life. However, if you want to tap into more opportunities in the niche, consider acquiring another qualification. This article mentions several subjects for you to choose from. Tapping into these opportunities will open various jobs with higher earning potential.

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