7 Types of Jobs You Can Earn After Passing Your CPR Certification Test

Certification Test

Have you trained and passed your CPR certification test? And do you know that many non-medical opportunities require CPR-certified candidates? If you passed your CPR certification test and are looking for a job opportunity, do not worry.  There are plenty of options requiring you to have a CPR certificate. Most companies prefer hiring employees with CPR certificates. Others offer training and testing within the company. The employees get training on CPR skills to be on the safer side in case of an accident. If you passed your CPR certification test check these jobs that you can apply for with your CPR certificate.

Coaches and Trainers

Coaches, personal and group trainers must have CPR skills. Athletic training and workouts can push your cardiac ability. Since cardiac arrest does not discriminate with age, if you are a coach or a trainer, a CPR certificate comes as an added advantage to secure jobs in the fitness industry.

Child Care Provider

There are increased cases of choking among infants and children. If you are working as a child care provider, passing your CPR certification test is an added advantage. Employers are looking for employees who will take care of children and keep them safe. Many governmental and non-governmental organizations dealing with children will demand that you have first Aid and CPR qualifications to get the position.

Nanny and Babysitter

If you are a nanny or a babysitter, you understand that the child’s safety comes first. Children don’t know what is safe and what is not safe. It is essential to have passed the CPR certification test as a nanny to save the child’s life in case of an accident.




Teacher and School Staff

Children are vulnerable to minor and major accidents, illnesses, and injuries. As a teacher, a CPR certificate is vital in securing jobs, especially in junior schools. Apart from saving lives, you can pass the knowledge to your students.


Working as Lifeguard

Lifeguards are responsible for keeping people at the beaches or pools. To work as a lifeguard, you must pass the CPR certification test from reputable training facilities such as CPR Ottawa Ontario with Coast to Coast First Aid & Aquatics. Why? There are different rules for performing CPR on infants and adults. You must know these rules and be able to handle each case in case of drowning. Swimming pool employers must seek to hire a CPR-certified person.

Flight Attending Staff

Flight attendants are the only available staff to help passengers onboard. If a person develops any health complications during a flight, flight attendants will first help. Therefore, you must pass the CPR certification test if you are a flight attendant.

Construction Workers and Electrician

Construction workers do heavy duties,  like lifting heavy weights and operating complex machines. A construction site is generally a high-risk place. Accidents happen here often, hence the need to train and pass the CPR certification test. On the other hand, an electrician is at risk of electric shocks, explosions, high temperature, among other risks. Their surroundings are high risk; therefore, CPR qualification is a compulsory requirement. The ability to respond to emergencies faster can significantly impact life.

If you pass your CPR certification test, you are essential in all aspects of life. Saving a life is an achievement that is enjoyed mainly by doctors. It is not only for self-benefit, passing the knowledge to others is essential.

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