7 Tips for Stress-Free Travel

Often, people take vacations to relax and recharge from day-to-day life, only to find themselves newly stressed from holiday antics when they return home. Unfortunately, a trip can turn into a fall with improper preparations and research, wearing vacationers down as the days pass on. 


However, by planning accordingly and organizing your trip beforehand, you can breeze past travel-induced stress and make the most out of your hard-earned vacay. If you’re inching closer to your dream holiday, read on for seven tips to improve travel and eliminate anxiety while you adventure away from home. 

The importance of planning out your trip

Though some travelers prefer a more lax day-to-day itinerary to a strict schedule, planning is a must for anyone hoping to bypass stress along their journey. By researching local hotspots, must-see attractions, and top-rated cuisine before you leave, you’ll have a handy list to reference once you land.  


On the other hand, inexperienced travelers can plan out days to the minute, taking public transportation and wait times into account. 

Pad extra time for your flights

A simple way to reduce stress before you land at your destination is by booking flight online and arriving at the airport with plenty of time to spare. Most experienced travelers suggest a three-hour window to account for possible delays or complications. Though a three-hour-advanced arrival may seem excessive, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, those three hours will breeze by with a book, podcast, and noise-canceling headphones.

ling headphones. 

Avoid overpacking

Though it may be tempting to pack everything from a first-aid kit to three extra pairs of underwear to bulky hair dryers, sticking to the basics can save you headaches in the long run. By packing light and leaving unnecessary belongings at home, you reduce the risk of losing valuable items and running out of luggage space after souvenirs. 

Try out anxiety-busting strategies

Unfortunately, all the preparing and organizing in the world can’t completely eliminate travel-induced anxiety for some antsy vacationers. However, by practicing stress-relieving strategies and breathing through the emotional storm, you can brave any turbulence you face while adventuring. Whether you rely on deep breathing, meditation, or anti-anxiety medication, reducing nervousness can be as simple as taking a moment to calm your fears and center yourself. 

Bring essential carry-ons for the flight

Getting to your destination without your baggage is undoubtedly stressful, especially for those embarking on long flights. To ensure you remain comfortable and stress-free while in the air, pack an essential-filled carry-on to see you through to your chosen destination. You may even consider an overnight bag in the case of misplaced luggage. Here are a few must-bring travel items:


  • Cell phone and charger
  • Laptop
  • Important over-the-counter medications
  • Toiletries and extra clothes

Bring a book or a magazine with you

Though a phone or laptop can keep you entertained during long flights or train rides, it may be wise to bring along a book, deck of cards, or non-electronic activity to pass the time. Though you can bring power sources to re-charge electronic devices, you still risk losing power if you’re relying on your phone for non-essential functions throughout the day. 

Build a budget

Though some travelers opt to penny-pinch their way through adventures, running low on funds while away from home can cause intense stress for inexperienced vacationers. Instead, save up and budget your money wisely to avoid declined cards and added anxiety. 

Before you go

Now that you’re well-versed in stress-reducing travel-related hacks, it’s time to pack your bags and breathe deep as you dive into your next adventure. 

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