7 Telltale Signs You Need New Floors

Did you know that each year you should check the structural quality of your home? Think about all of the foot traffic that your floors get, that’s a lot of wear and tear!

While your flooring might seem fine, they might be trying to tell you something else. How can you tell that it’s time for new floors? Read this article on the telltale signs that it’s time for a replacement today!

  1. Old Flooring

When checking out nydree wood flooring and other options, sometimes the most obvious option is old flooring. While some of the best floor materials are built to last, that’s not the case for all types.

Flooring can rot, warp, have cracks, etc. It’s best to hire a flooring company in your area and get them replaced right away.

  1. Uneven Floors

Water damage or leaks can lead to uneven flooring. Material can lead to lumps or other problems over time. If you’re in a humid area or a location that floods often, you’re more likely to experience this.

  1. Damages

Check your floors for any cupping, warping, or buckling. Warping is due to damage underneath your wood planks. This can cause the wood to change shape or stretch.

Cupping is when you have moisture get into your floors. Buckling is when you experience uneven floors.

  1. You Want a Change

You might want a new floor installation if you’re tired of the old look. The style of your floors might be outdated or might not go with the updated look of your home. Some top looks for hardwood floors include matte finishes, light stains, and unique installation methods.

  1. Wear

While a few scratches here and there can be ignored, don’t ignore deep cracks or scratches. If you experience stubborn stains, you might need a flooring replacement.

Deep scratches or cracks can lead to a pest infestation or water damage. Stains can lead to rotting and other problems as well.

Termites also love floorboards. If there are cracks for them to climb into, you’re more likely to experience them.

  1. Loud Flooring

When it’s time for a floor service, one of the top signs is when you experience noisy flooring. Older flooring tends to have creaks when you step on them.

Noises can also be due to something as small as a loose nail. If there’s a settling of foundations, improper installation, or sub-floor damage, it can lead to loud floors.

If you experience one creaking board, you might be able to fix it yourself. For more widespread issues, you’ll want to hire a professional.

  1. Too Much Sanding

If you sand your floors too many times, it can lead to issues. This can cause them to become too thin. Too thin floors can mean structural damage or cracks later on.

How long your floors last will depend on the type, care, and other factors as well. If you’ve had them sanded too much, it might be time for a flooring replacement.

Why Is It Important To Hire a Professional for My Floors?

In order to have a long life span out of your floors, it’s important to hire a flooring company. Since they’ll have years of experience under their belts, they’ll be able to make sure that it’s installed properly.

Make sure to check their reviews and testimonials before you hire them. Since floors are an investment, it might be worth it to pay more now to ensure high-quality flooring.

Professionals will also come with professional equipment. If you choose to install the flooring on your own, you’ll need to lease or buy the equipment that you’ll need. After this, you might not be able to use the equipment again.

It’s also a great way to give you peace of mind knowing that it’s completed correctly. If you decide to go about it alone, it’s tricky to figure out what you’ll need for the entire installation project.

A professional can give you an estimate of how long it’ll take, how much it’ll cost you, etc. Some might even offer you a warranty. They can also get rid of your old floor instead of having to go over the top of it.

Which Flooring Replacement Is Best?

One of the most popular types of flooring is hardwood. They’re also an easy construction as well. From maple to oak, you have options for your floors.

You can also choose from unfinished or finished options. An eco-friendly option is bamboo.

Keep in mind that it’s not always a greener option. Bamboo is a moisture-resistant option as well. It’s also an easy option to install.

Since they’re made and shipped from Asia, this can increase your carbon footprint. They can also have pesticides or fertilizers which are bad for the environment.

Keep in mind that not all bamboo is made the same. They can vary as far as durability and can be quite weak. Bamboo can be vulnerable to scratches and dents, similar to wood flooring.

Another of the many options out there is ceramic tiling. Keep in mind that not all ceramic tile is hard enough for flooring. Find ones that have ratings when it comes to flooring.

How To Know When It’s Time for New Floors

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea if it’s time for new floors for your home. Take your time selecting your option and speak with a flooring professional.

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