7 Signs You Need a Window Glass Replacement

Did you know that your home windows can account for about 25% to 30% of your heating and cooling energy bills? That results from all the heat gains and losses that transpire through them.

Unfortunately, damaged glass panes can worsen heat gains and losses. After all, they allow more of the sun’s heat and unconditioned outdoor air to enter your home. Moreover, they can leak out more of your conditioned indoor air to the outdoors.

Therefore Big City Windows and Doors Ottawa, it’s imperative to learn when you need a window glass replacement.

Don’t worry, though, as we’re about to tell you how to spot such symptoms. So, keep reading, as you want to get them replaced before they cause your energy bills to spike further.

  1. Cracked or Broken Glass

Sometimes, window glass panes can break due to thermal stress. That occurs when there’s a considerable difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures.

Another likely cause is improper installation, which can lead to pressure cracks. For instance, an out-of-balance window may have its weight spread out unevenly. That can place more pressure on some areas, making them more prone to cracking.

Then, there’s also the rogue baseball or golf ball crashing through your window. The force behind the ball can be enough to cause impact damage, shattering the glass pane.

It can be tempting to ignore damaged glass panes, especially if they only have one or two cracks. However, it’s best not to put off calling a window replacement company in Cleveland, as that can be enough to make it shatter. That can happen during severe weather with high winds or hailstorms.

  1. You Wake Up to Frosty Windows

Frost forms on window panes after exposure to frigid outdoor air and moist indoor air.

When water vapor in the air touches the cold glass, it condenses into liquid. Those droplets then freeze and turn into ice crystals, forming frost on the panes Window Screen Repair Near Me.

Frosty windows are a concern because melted ice crystals drip down. Those water droplets can damage your window’s varnish, paint, or wooden components.

Frost is more common on single-paned windows, the least energy-efficient of all styles. So, if that’s the kind you have, it might be wise to replace them with double-paned windows. You can retrofit just the glass panes or get full replacement windows for your home.

Double-paned windows feature two glass panes and between them is an insulating gas. That two-layered design and the extra insulation help reduce heat and cold transfer. As a result, they help prevent frost while boosting your windows’ energy efficiency.

  1. Your Windows Let Water In

Do you notice water on the interior side of your windows whenever it rains? The glass is likely to blame if you see the leaks between the panes, mullions, or muntins. The droplets indicate the panes may have cracks or their seals have deteriorated.

If the glass panes are the culprit, you may have to replace them if they have sizeable cracks. If it’s only the seal, you can have it replaced by a window repair specialist. The most crucial thing is to get your leaky windows checked ASAP before they cause water damage.

  1. Discoloration Between the Panes

Do your window panes have dark streaks that you can’t remove no matter what? If so, they’re likely molds trapped between the layers of glass. They indicate damaged seals that allow air and moisture to penetrate the panes.

Those marks also signal that your multi-paned windows no longer have insulating gas. Even if some remains, the gas still leaks out due to the cracked or worn seals.

In any case, contact your local window glass repair or replacement specialist ASAP. The pro may still be able to clean the panes, refill them with insulating gas, and replace the seals. However, such repairs don’t apply to all windows, so you may still have to replace them.

  1. Fading Damage on Furnishings Near Windows

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight is a leading cause of premature skin aging. It’s also behind sunburns and contributes to the development of many skin cancers. Moreover, it accounts for up to 40% of fading damage on interior furnishings.

So, if you see such damage on couches, sofas, floors, or carpets near your windows, their panes are to blame. You might want to replace them with glass featuring low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings.

Low-E coatings help filter out harmful UV light and reduce fading damage on furnishings by as much as 75%. In addition, they reduce solar heat gains and energy losses through windows. So, they provide UV protection while boosting your windows’ energy efficiency.

  1. You’ve Got a Bug Problem

Have you noticed an increase in pest sightings inside your home?

If so, it’s best to inspect your home, including the windows, for gaps or other openings. One or more of your windows may have broken or developed a crack big enough to let bugs in. Call a window glass replacement service as soon as you see any damaged pane.

It’s also wise to look for frame damage, such as warping or hollowness. These are symptoms often associated with water, UV, or termite damage.

If termites have infested your windows, contact a pest control company. Have them address the insect problem before investing in window replacement. If you replace the damaged windows without removing the bugs, they’ll eat away at your new frames.

  1. Your Old Windows Rattle So Much

Rattling in windows is often a sign of worn seals, warped frames, and degrading dividers. These issues often lead to the windows developing spaces, causing the panes to loosen. So, whenever rain or wind beats down on them, they vibrate and rattle.

Worn seals are easy to replace, and you can also add caulking or weatherstripping to your windows. However, if the frames or dividers are the culprits, you might need to replace them and the glass panes. Please do it soon, as windows that shake too much can shatter.

Never Delay Necessary Window Glass Replacement

Remember: Shattered window glass can cause severe injuries like cuts and punctures. If a shard winds up in your eye, it might even result in vision problems.

So, before any of those occur, have your windows inspected by a professional. They can then tell you if repairs can cut it or if you need glass replacement or full replacement windows.

Either way, don’t delay getting your windows fixed or replaced.

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